The Untold Stories and the Tides of Change to Come – Laing Art Gallery

With a focus on spirituality and how it helps us connect with our inner selves, this exhibition features artwork representing the stages of life, belief, and realisation.

Curated by L-INK group members (a group of young people who work with the Laing Art Gallery to engage in a process of creative collaboration), they explored current events and individual/communal understandings of these ideas to choose the pieces on display.

The pieces have also been chosen to reflect personal perspectives and make connections between spirituality, society and nature.

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A young boy grins as he hangs upside down above a mat. A girl does the spilts as she hangs between two thick ropes. They are taking part in the circus workshops at Gosforth Civic Theatre.

30/05/2024 - 9:30am

GCT: Great Circus Takeover – Gosforth Civic Theatre

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