Daint Jewellery

Daint Jewellery’s designs are timeless, classic and perfect for everyday wear.

Founder Kim White is all about attention to detail and it’s my goal to create jewellery that’s a perfect gift for a loved one or as a special treat for yourself. She believes that jewellery is a beautiful extension of yourself, and daintiness and minimalism are the key concepts behind her designs. Kim focuses on creating jewellery that’s high quality over high quantity and creates timeless, classic designs that can be worn every day.

All of Kim’s designs are made using sterling silver, which, unlike plated jewellery, doesn’t fade; they can survive the wear and tear of everyday life and be cherished for a lifetime. With some designs having the option to personalise, Daint Jewellery can be made even more special and personal to you. 

Check out Kim’s Northumberland Sea Glass collection. Inspired by textures in nature, beautiful gemstones and subtle shapes. Kim spends time combing the Northumberland coast to find beautiful gemstones to turn into timeless jewellery.

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