Nourish Bud

100% plant-based, whole food meal prep.

Pushed for time but want to eat nutritious and delicious meals? Nourish Bud has the answer.

It offers calorie-controlled meal packages that provide all of your food for three, five or six days a week. Alternatively, you can use the build-your-own option to fill your fridge with healthy breakfasts, main meals and snacks.

They’re here to help people ‘embrace plant based’. All meal packages are heat-sealed to stay fresher for longer and have full calorie/macro-nutrients printed on every meal to suit each individual’s personal health goals.

Nourish Bud has a whole-foods ingredient philosophy and never use additives, preservatives or highly-processed food. Everything is made entirely from scratch – right down to their plant milks, curry powers and falafels – which is reflected in the nutritional content of their meals.

Offering nationwide delivery.

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