Handmade Tyneside

Handmade Tyneside is a one-man woodshop and design studio in the North East of England.

Everything is handmade, using reclaimed or salvaged wood sourced from all over Tyneside and Northumberland; from an age-old dance floor of a derelict nightclub to the internal walls of a 1950s office block through to something with the character and heritage of historic church doors, aged barrels, bread crates, old fishing trawlers or mahogany lift cladding.

Every piece is unique, created from a different piece of wood each time, entirely from scratch, and always by hand.

Often the wood and its previous life will influence what we ultimately make, and because of this ambition to stay true to the materials, many of our pieces will be a limited run, i.e. when the wood runs out, so does the product line.

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