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Tasty leftover turkey recipes

Make the most of your Christmas turkey with these cost savvy, zero-waste recipes.

Serve cold as part of a Boxing Day Ploughman’s Lunch…

… on a board with cheese, chutneys, crusty bread and a glass of port.


Leftover Christmas sandwich

Gently grill, or toast your bread of choice. Spread both slices with butter and mayonnaise, spoon cranberry sauce onto the bottom slice and place a generous amount of leftover roasted turkey on top. Thinly slice red onion and place on top of the turkey, followed by your pigs in blankets and a generous amount of leftover stuffing. Add a pinch of cracked black pepper to taste and place the top slice of toasty bread.



Use the turkey carcass to make a fabulous, tasty stock, which can then be used straight away in dishes like soups and risottos, or frozen to be used later in the coming weeks. This is a great way to add incredible flavour to any dish.


Ham, Mushroom and Turkey Pie

Use ready prepared puff pastry and leftover turkey to make a Ham, Mushroom and Turkey Pie. Cut the turkey into chunks, lightly fry some mushrooms, add any leftover ham you may have and then mix together with some thickened turkey stock, before topping with the puff pastry and baking.


Turkey Spring Rolls

Stir fry some noodles and spring onions, or whatever left over veggies you have… Anything will work so long as it’s sliced up and mixed with a good soy sauce. Once cooled, mix together with your leftover turkey. Take the mixture and place onto a sheet of filo pastry. Fold over both ends then roll up the pastry to form spring rolls. Repeat until you have enough required or run out of leftovers. Paint them with a little melted butter and pop them in the oven until crispy and golden brown. Serve with hoisin sauce dip and a little chopped chilli and coriander.


Recipe credit: Milk and More

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