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7 genius storage solutions for small spaces

Bespoke interiors experts, NOOK, use clever design solutions that’ll transform your wasted space in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 10.06.2023

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There’s no such thing as too much storage space. But not all of us are blessed with walk-in wardrobes and strategic built-in cabinetry.

Whether you’re a hoarder with a home that’s overwhelmed with clutter, or you live in a small flat and are running out of storage space, gone are the days of stacking up ugly boxes or cramming things into that messy cupboard…

NOOK is here to our rescue and has revealed genius storage solution ideas for every nook and cranny of our homes.

With a team that brings their wealth of knowledge and experience to design, build and install bespoke furniture from their Heddon-on-the-Wall workshop in Northumberland, NOOK thinks outside the box and will adapt your home to suit your lifestyle, budget and personality.

Whether it be that wasted space under your stairs or your messy garage that’s been turned into a dumping ground, NOOK will introduce clever design solutions that’ll transform your wasted space in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

We’ve picked the brains of bespoke interiors expert and Managing Director of NOOK Rhona Harris, for some creative ideas for storage solutions for small spaces…




When considering newly fitted wardrobes in your bedroom, it’s always worth thinking about incorporating a hidden dressing table or workspace behind a pair of doors to create a multi-use space that can be shut away when not needed.

If you have little ones, the landing can be transformed into a space to read by adding a small built-in seat with some shelving for books. Or, when introducing a media wall take the opportunity of adding plenty of cupboard space to clear away the kids’ toys before settling down to relax in the evening.


Quite often space at the back door becomes a dumping ground with abandoned clothes, boots and shoes. If carefully fitted out as a small boot room area, each family member can have their own section making it easier to organise and also to spot who isn’t keeping their section tidy!

In smaller spaces, it’s always handy to have a shoe area with a wooden slatted section (maybe with a tube heater above) with a tray below for wet shoes and boots to be stored and dried.



Apart from being able to display books, photos and ornaments and family memorabilia, bespoke shelving allows organising and storing the inevitable clutter that accumulates but you find it hard to get rid of.

Shelving in a hallway or entrance porch adds interest and with the addition of baskets or boxes a great place to collect smaller items such as hats and gloves and to store school bags. Plus, you can even add a section to hold umbrellas or walking sticks.


A well-designed full-height and full-width storage wall is one of the most efficient uses of space and can store masses of stuff that currently litters your home.

Built-in storage walls can be built from 30cm to 60cm in depth across any room. Whether you want to go contemporary with handleless touch-opening doors or create a feature wall with the use of bold colours, the options are endless.

Precisely designed to accommodate the exact requirements a full storage wall can be added in any room of the house and can increase up to five cubic meters of storage space in an average size room.


Alcoves are often underused. Free-standing furniture can never use that space efficiently whereas well-designed bespoke alcove furniture can use 100% of the available space.

Whether used to store a music system, add a precious book collection, display family photographs and mementoes or even hide the Sky box, alcoves give you the freedom to add some personality to your wasted space.



When the space under a window is taken up by a radiator it’s often a good idea to have a radiator cover fitted. This creates a well-lit, attractive space to display ornaments or an attractive vase of flowers that can be seen from both inside and out.

Add a window seat to make the best of any available view or simply make a new place to have a coffee or read a magazine. Or you can also incorporate some storage leaving it open for shoes or closed with either drawers or a hinged seat lid for optimum storage.


Media walls are a top interior trend at the moment and no surprise when NOOK is commonly fitting 60”, 65”, 75” and occasionally up to 90” TV along with the accompanying sound bars and other audio equipment. Along with this often comes gaming, VR devices, digital boxes and modems which are much better hidden out of the way.

The ability to display and sort all these modern-day electrics along with adding some additional storage to create an attractive display has driven this new bespoke furniture fashion. A practical and good looking well-designed media wall fills many functions and becomes the focal point of any room.

To find out more about NOOK and how their team can help transform your home, visit their website

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