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  • 14th Feb 2024
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Pink Margarita

Margarita month meets Valentine’s Day for this colourful twist on the classic cocktail.


2 oz (60 ml) tequila.

1 oz (30 ml) grapefruit liqueur or strawberry/raspberry liqueur.

3/4 oz (22.5 ml) fresh lime juice.

1/2 oz (15 ml) simple syrup.

Ice cubes.

Salt rim for the glass (optional).

Slice of lemon and raspberries for garnish (optional).


Mix ingredients: In a cocktail shaker, add ice up to halfway. Add the tequila, grapefruit liqueur or strawberry/raspberry liqueur, lime juice and simple syrup.

Shake: Cover the shaker and shake vigorously for about 15-20 seconds. This will mix and cool the ingredients evenly.

Strain and serve: Place a strainer in the top of the cocktail shaker and pour the mixture into the prepared glass with ice.

If you prefer to avoid the pulp of the grapefruit juice or berries, you can also use an additional strainer when pouring the cocktail into the glass.


Recipe credit: Olmeca Altos

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