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Creating a life that you leap out of bed to live- the 101 community is ticking off

Find out what The 101 Club community has been up to and how you can join the fun.

Written by High Life North
Published 17.06.2023

By Charlie Grabham

If you haven’t heard of the The 101 Club yet, you need some inspiration to start compiling your list, or you want to join our army of dreamers and doers, then read on.

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This month’s feature marks week 12 for The 101 Community and that’s a milestone for us. The 101 Club isn’t just about us, or about doing things for the sake of them. Laura and I are on a mission to live the very best version of our lives- and the results are starting to show (read on to see how we measure it)!

A lorra lorra laughs

What we have noticed on all of the lists is that we ALL have something to unpick, unravel or some Achilles heel. Maybe something that has hurt us is driving us or maybe we just know we have potential to unlock.

Either way, what we see is that our community are dedicated to DOING the work- and that’s really powerful and inspirational for everyone involved.

Laura and I have come so far in 12 weeks that we forget we didn’t even know each other this time last year. We have gone from that to doubled over laughing outside of Waitrose the other week- ticking off Laura’s #9 Laugh until my stomach hurts.

More than just a feature article

I am writing this from the house we now share together – something else we hadn’t bargained for. But doing this project has brought us so much closer to each other- and the wonderful people in this community.

It’s also helped Laura tick off #6 Feel safe and secure every day.

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Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

Our community is starting to get noticed. We have just done an interview with the lovely Anna Foster at BBC Radio Newcastle about this project and we hope that this will generate more opportunities for the community. We also want to grow the community bigger in the next three months, so please come and be a part of it- and share with your networks.


Speed-dreaming goes international

We hosted our first speed-dreaming event in Newcastle last month and it was a great success (think speed-dating for 101 lists). We want to buddy people up on adventures and we know some new friendship bonds have been formed, so if you are interested in joining an event, look out for announcements via our newsletter.

Laura and I go went Amsterdam last month to launch our first international speed-dreaming event, hosted by our lovely friend Andie. Check out our social media @the_101_club to see how we got on.

Taking dreams by storm

Our community has been ON IT! From the perfect cheese souffle to trips to Prague, Portugal and hikes up Helvellyn- our wonderful 101-ers have been ticking off items left, right and centre.


# 44 Start a podcast- and commit to it…

Episode 3 of our podcast is now out! We have decided to do shorter episodes more frequently, so if you would like to join us for a vino and a natter about your list, give us a shout: [email protected]

Monthly List-spiration

Each month we want to share some of our top picks from our community. With summer just around the corner, here are our favourites for sunny season- whether it’s on a shoestring or blowing the budget:

  • Shuck and eat a fresh oyster
  • Volunteer at a dog shelter
  • Watch sunset on a boat
  • Dance in a thunderstorm
  • Do the Wild Western Way in Ireland
  • Go stargazing in Northumberland
  • Go clubbing in Ibiza
  • Crush grapes to make wine
  • Do a trip around Europe
  • Ride a hot air balloon

And finally….

If you’re not sure about looking at your dreams or are sceptical about whether this process will work for you, then check out our results.

Before we started this project, Laura and I measured our life balance using our Spidey (you can download your own copy here). We scored each area of our life out of ten and we are revisiting it every 3 months- just look at the difference already!

If you have any suggestions or want to send us your list, email us at [email protected]

And don’t forget to follow @the_101_club on Instagram, TikTok and join our Facebook group. 

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