Better for our heads, our hangxiety and our purse? The rise of low and non-alcoholic drinks

With more people opting for a healthy lifestyle, the trend for low alcohol drinks is increasing year-on-year. Whether you're being healthy or trying to avoid having one too many, we've got your back.

By Charlotte Cooper

Christmas is naturally a time of the year where we overload our bodies with luxurious, rich food and drink and by New Year’s Eve, we are so over-indulged that we can’t bear to look at another glass of prosecco.

As the year of 2020 creeps closer, a shift in alcohol trends appears to be favouring low or alcohol-free drinks, with the incentive being a more mindful lifestyle. 

Now if you think that the festive period wouldn’t be the same without a glass or two of your favourite chardonnay, then we recommend giving a naturally low-level alcoholic drink a try first. Or if you really can’t face the morning after hangover anymore, we’ve rounded up some alcohol-free options too. 


Beer and Cider


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