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Sunday sit-down with… Claire Bell, Dark of the Moon Holistic

Claire reveals how holistic therapies led her to experience a miracle that completely changed her life...

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 26.02.2022

Life inevitably has its ups and downs.

For many of us, with life’s struggles bring with them walls that we build up within ourselves, designed to protect but, in reality, closing us off from meaningful connections. But it’s not healthy to bottle up our emotions and carry on like everything’s fine.

That’s why we’re always looking for ways to heal and strengthen our minds and bodies. Whether it’s exercising, counselling or meditation, it’s always good to have an open mind and welcome in positive change.

Claire Bell has a fascinating story of how holistic therapy has led her to experience a miracle that completely changed her life. After years of trying to conceive, and sadly failing four rounds of IVF, the process of trying for a baby soon began to take its toll on Claire’s physical and mental health. So, she decided to take a break.

A decade ago, Claire’s dad was tragically diagnosed with terminal cancer; his personality changed, and he turned to meditation to cope. Remembering how meditation had transformed her dad’s spirit 10 years earlier, Claire was inspired to take a holistic approach herself to see if it could help her fertility.

She began to meditate daily and researched crystals before buying her first ‘fertility’ crystal pack, as well as using castor oil treatment packs. After around 14 weeks, Claire was asked to go in for one final pregnancy test.

After a long wait, her world was turned upside down when her nurse spoke the words she thought she’d never hear: ‘you’re pregnant.’ Claire was over the moon and collapsed to the floor, crying.

Now Claire is the mum of two gorgeous girls and is the owner of Dark of the Moon Holistic, where she teaches holistic therapies to help others learn the magic of healing their minds and bodies. We caught up with her to learn more about her journey with crystal healing, Reiki and meditation, and the benefits they can bring us…

When did you first realise you were spiritual?

I always had this affinity with the ‘other’ since being a child. I had a big interest in Wicca (practices of witchcraft and nature worship), as did a few of my friends, but it never really left me. I always knew there was more to life than what we see around us and I’ve always been an empath, connecting to people and their feelings. I’ve been the go-to girl for support for a long time and it’s something I embrace.



How did you get into the industry?

I worked in the NHS for over 10 years before deciding to go ahead and train in my passion. I originally trained as a crystal therapist and meditation instructor with Guru Holistic training in Durham. I’ve also done extensive online courses with the centre of excellence and trained in Reiki with Julie at Reiki River, also in Durham, who is wonderful.



How has holistic therapy helped you personally?

Mediation originally helped me in terms of my dad’s death. Just witnessing how it helped him through the process of terminal cancer and, ultimately, losing his life. It also helped me through the pain of infertility. Since then, it has calmed me down emotionally and helped me through the PTSD of his death, the IVF process and the anger that comes with all that.

Tell us everything about Dark of the Moon Holistic?

Dark of the Moon Holistic represents everything that I am. I work very closely with the lunar cycles and the ‘Dark Moon’ is the new moon – the time of the lunar cycle for new beginnings and setting your intentions. I believe anyone who initially walks through my doors is looking for a new beginning, new experiences and changes in their life.

I’m authentically me and I encourage others to be the same. I’m very much against the toxic positivity culture; every day can’t be an enlightened ‘good day’. Life is life and it can be hard. You’re allowed to get upset and angry at times. The key is just having the tools to feel those feelings so that you can heal and move onto the next day, rather than allowing those days to consume you.



What makes you different?

I don’t exactly fit into the mould of your typical holistic therapist. You can have fun and enjoy a glass of wine and live your life, whilst also embracing your spirituality and beliefs. I think holistic living can be intimidating for those who think they have to change all aspects of their lives to embrace it and that’s not the case. Do what makes you feel happy, as long as it’s for yours and others’ greatest and highest good.

In what ways can your holistic therapy help to change people’s lives?

The holistic therapies that I carry can help people see the best in themselves.  Though many call themselves a healer, in what I do that’s not the case. You are your own healer – I’m just here to help you along the way. When you realise you can engage in holistic therapies and take those tools away with you and incorporate them into your everyday life, that’s when big changes start to happen.



What holistic treatment could you not live without and why?

Crystal therapy. Crystals are my passion; they’ve changed my life and have brought unlimited magic with them. And anyone can use them.



What’s your ultimate tip for healing your body and mind?

Meditate, even if it’s for a couple of minutes at a time, and listen to what your body is telling you.

What’s next for Dark of Moon?

My academy is launching in April and I have my first Reiki and crystal therapy students booked in. I see myself massively going in the teaching direction. I have two wonderful holistic therapists who work on certain days of the week in the space and we’re moving very soon into a bigger space in Sunderland city centre. Ultimately, I would love my own big building with teaching and therapies going on daily. A sacred, safe space for people to heal and discover their own potential.

Our online presence is expanding with a podcast and my YouTube channel is relaunching in March. I’m also launching a fertility support programme with a partner, Oak and Moon. This will centre around support for anyone trying to conceive. It’s a support programme – not a fertility treatment – and I’m very keen to express that. I was taken advantage of by many ‘therapists’ who charged me hundreds for ‘fertility treatments’ with empty promises. We’re simply there to give the holistic support needed for your mind, body and soul.



Want to book a holistic therapy treatment? Visit Dark of the Moon Holistic’s website. 

And follow Claire’s journey via her Instagram and Facebook page.

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