7 reasons why you need to have tweed bow ties at your wedding

The North East's very own TweedFiend reveals why dapper dicky bows have been a timeless trend for centuries – and how to style them when you tie the knot.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 10.05.2022

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The bow tie has been the trademark for formal etiquette for centuries.

Worn by everyone from Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin to James Bond, the bow tie has been a classic staple formalwear piece throughout history – and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

These handsome accessories have always been a gentleman’s essential, and what better time for a groom to look his best than on his wedding day? But now, this timeless trend of the dapper dicky bow has no restraints, as many women have been spotted wearing these wedding accessories, too.

And when it comes to bow ties, there’s nothing we love to see more than this staple piece made from a classic tweed. Not only is the fabric versatile, sustainable and stunning, but it can be made to match your colour scheme perfectly. But where can you buy the perfect tweed bow tie for your big day? TweedFiend, that’s where.

Your wedding is a day of celebrating you as a couple; every little detail should capture your style and personality. TweedFiend creates traditionally woven tweed pieces that are bespoke to you and will make you look and feel your best when you tie the knot.

Sewing is in owner Jade McGarvie’s blood, after following in the footsteps of her great-grandmother and grandma. With a passion for perfection, Jade will work with you from her North East studio to create something as unique as you are. She shares with us why tweed bow ties are the latest go-to wedding accessories for the modern couple…

A photogenic fabric

Tweed photographs beautifully. The texture of the wool has an understated luxury. My designs often feature botanical motifs, while the colours and structural features of my garments have a bold, dramatic flair.

Easy to match your colour scheme

There are so many options for colours and patterns. I’ve never been beaten yet to find the right fabric to match a colour scheme.


An eco-friendly option

Tweed is a sustainable choice, as wool is a renewable material that biodegrades and has a low environmental impact. The tweeds I use are produced in the UK; Harris Tweed is even woven using exclusively pedal-powered looms. Buying handmade garments actively counteracts mass-produced ‘fast fashion’. Tailor-made clothing is more likely to be well cared for, repaired and reworn. My products are designed and made to last lifetimes.

A gender-neutral accessory

My signature Lady Bows are a fabulous way to add some sartorial style to a more feminine outfit. The Lady Bow has exaggerated bow loops and long tails. It’s a statement piece that oozes confidence and drama. Made in your choice of fabric, it can be bold and bright or chic when made in a neutral or pastel.


Add a personal touch

My most popular designs are ties with secret messages embroidered on the lining. Over the years, I have embroidered everything from sweet sentiments to wicked nicknames. Wedding dates and wearer’s initials are always popular choices and these personal touches transform the tie into a meaningful groomsman’s gift, (bonus, it’s one less thing to worry about on your to-do list).

A versatile accessory

Bow ties are so versatile. Naturally, they work with a tux, full formal attire and a three-piece suit. They pair equally well with a leather jacket or go relaxed and rustic with just a shirt and braces. A groom should feel comfortable and confident and be able to represent their own style on their wedding day.


Perfect for nature lovers

My main inspiration comes from nature. The colours and textures of the British landscape are so beautifully reflected in the shades and patterns of tweed cloth. My studio is on the grounds of National Trust’s Gibside  and the variety of flora and fauna I see on my walk up there sparks ideas for designs.


My main advice for ties is to practice tying them before the day. Nobody needs to be stressed out frantically watching YouTube videos 10 minutes before leaving for the ceremony.

When selecting the width of the tie, looking at the width of your jacket lapels and shirt collar is the best guide. Skinny ties are best worn with a slim fit suit that has narrow lapels to keep the outfit looking balanced and in proportion.


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If you want tweed accessories for your wedding, visit TweedFiend’s website for more information and shop the full collection by following this link.

To stay up to date with Jade’s business journey,  like TweedFiend’s Facebook page.

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