Feel Good

Nutella martinis

Chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac and this Nutella martini is our recommended way to consume.

Written by Beth Williams
Published 11.02.2023

Serves: 2



400ml whole milk (or nut milk if you prefer)

2 heaped scoops of Nutella

1 heaped spoonful of cocoa powder

3 shots of vodka

2 shots of Frangelico or Amaretto (optional)


Extra Nutella & chopped hazelnuts (for serving)



Gently heat the milk in a pan, along with your Nutella and cocoa powder.

Keep stirring until it’s smooth and hot.

Leave on one side to cool completely (speed up the process by putting it outside if you’re somewhere chilly).

While it’s chilling you can prep your glasses – spread some chocolate spread onto a side plate, and cover another plate in chopped hazelnuts.

Dip the rim of your glass into the chocolate and twist it 360 degrees. Once the rim’s all coated, do the same in the pile of nuts.

When your chocolate milk is nice & cold, pour into a cocktail shaker.

Add your booze, shake and pour into the martini glass.



Recipe credit: The Londoner 

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