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May’s walk of the month: The Cheviots and Hedgehope Hill

If you’re looking to get the blood pumping and those thighs burning, we’ve found just the hike for you…

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 05.05.2023

Distance: 7km (4.3 miles)

Elevation: 1,624ft

Time: 2.5 – 3.5 hours


The trailhead for The Cheviots and Hedgehope Hill walk can be found at the car park along Harthope Burn, just half a mile north-east of Langleeford.



If you’re anything like us, then the onset of sunnier days, clearer skies and lighter nights have sent you into a mild panic.

Summer is just around the corner. Our summer body, meanwhile, is stuck in Christmas-snacking mode.

Time to get the blood pumping and the legs working – and make the most of all this newfound Vitamin D our bodies have been so lacking.

Time to get ourselves on a proper walk.

Enter: the Cheviots.

A guaranteed ramble to remember, any venture to these rolling Northumbrian hills promises fresh, country air, plenty of space to stretch our legs and a steady climb, (perfect for dusting the cobwebs out of our lungs). But we’ve discovered one particular route that promises incredible views to boot.

Cross Harthope Burn, cut across open moorland and make a steep ascent of Hedgehope Hill and you’ll find yourself with a commanding view of the Cheviots in all their glory – unbeatable at this time of year.

Best of all, it’s not too tricky to accomplish.

HLN Hint: While the route isn’t technically difficult, walkers shouldn’t underestimate the challenge this steep route will present. Be prepared for burning thighs.


Setting out from the car park, make your way initially to the south-west along the road for a short distance, before turning left onto a footpath.

Following the trail to the south-east, cross over the banks of Harthope Burn and begin traversing the barren landscape of the moor.

Here, you’ll notice that the trail will begin to steepen, as you begin the climb up to the summit of Hedgehope Hill.

From the top of this 2,343ft hill, you’ll enjoy sweeping views across the Northumberland countryside that includes plenty of hills, forests, and wide-open farmland.

Once you’ve taken in the natural beauty from this hilltop perch, head back down the trail along the same route in order to return to the car park where you started.


For more information about the Cheviots and Hedgehope Hill walk, or for more walking inspo across Northumberland, visit the 10 Adventures’ website.

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