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Matte black: Styled Interior Design on how to get this 2023 trend

If you’re after a timeless, sophisticated and effortlessly stylish home décor, then look no further...

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 15.07.2023

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Black is back for 2023…but has it ever gone away?

As many home design colour trends come and go, black has always stood the test of time. But this year we’re seeing an interesting spin on this bold shade… matte black.

Bringing a sleek, elegant and chic style into any décor, this 2023 interior trend is for those who love a neutral, minimalistic look but want to make a real statement.

When it comes to choosing a colour palette, many of us probably wouldn’t choose black as our first choice. Although seemingly daunting, adding a pop of matte black to any interior is a fun, stylish way to add texture and dimension to any space.

But how do we know where to start? Styled Interior Design is here to our rescue and is all about creating a space that is both understated and impactful, with a timeless appeal that’ll never go out of style.

Based in the North East, Styled is an enthusiastic, innovative team of interior designers with a wealth of experience in bringing interior ideas to life. With meticulous attention to detail and creative flair, Styled uses creative ideas to showcase how neutrals create striking and memorable spaces.

Whether you’ve always dreamt of transforming your hospitality business into a stylish, contemporary space or want to update your home with minimalistic styling that isn’t boring, Styled Interior Design tells us everything we need to know about the hottest interior trend of 2023 – matte black…


At Styled Interior Design, black is our favourite neutral, and for good reason. Black acts as the perfect balancing board in any room, creating a sense of depth and sophistication. The beauty of black lies in its ability to create a sense of contrast. By incorporating deep, dark tones into your interior design, you create a space where even the most delicate colours can truly shine.


When paired with soft, muted tones, black can create a sense of calm and tranquillity, while also creating an undeniably elegant space.

The project pictured, completed by our team, is an impressive six-bedroomed property that was transformed throughout. The interior design seamlessly blends classic elegance with modern comfort, creating a space that invites both serenity and socialisation. (This is available for bookings on Host & Stay, Roslyn House is a true gem among holiday homes).


Whether your style leans towards traditional or modern, incorporating the classic colour combination of cream and black with a thoughtful and creative touch can create a truly timeless look. Matte black works for any room and space when done properly.


Styled shares some of the projects they’ve worked on in partnership with their sister company, WOODSmith Construction, proving that minimalistic isn’t boring and showcasing that you shouldn’t be scared of adding black to your living space.

The Old Brewery

The brief: to create a design that had a contemporary feel but also nodded to the heritage of the Grade II Listed Georgian building and the location.


Graham House

The brief: to revamp and update a large property with a clean, minimalist design incorporating pops of colour for interest, to appeal to a broad range of guests.


Albion House

The brief: to create a stand-out holiday home based in Whitby, with spaces to entertain and relax and appeal to the needs of all age groups, particularly large or multiple families. Plus, creating enough room to cater for up to 13 people.


Toffee Crackle House

The brief: to convert a 4-bedroom cottage, into a luxury holiday home but to keep the traditional feel, while adding a modern and sweet twist.


Dale End

The brief: to convert a 2-bedroom cottage, into a contemporary holiday home but keep the cosy and homely feel, while ensuring the interior is sleek and stylish.


For more information on how the Styled Interior Design team can transform your décor, visit their website or to find interior design inspo for your property or holiday home, follow Styled on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.



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