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Meet the luxury interior design agency dedicated to delivering dream décor to your home

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Styled offer only the most personalised interior design service – from technical drawings and construction right through to styling the finishing touches.

North East based design agency Styled have a passion for all things interiors.

Having started life as a business by finding and renovating high-end holiday homes for their sister company, Host & Stay, Styled made important connections in the worlds of construction and property management. Now, like magical magpies of the design industry, they have accumulated their wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts to become the all-encompassing interior design agency we see today – an agency who can just as easily renovate a luxury staycation spot as they can deliver dream décor to your home.

And the secret to their success? Teamwork. Turns out, it really does make the dream work.

Styled’s team of four fiercely fabulous females bring together an array of different backgrounds, skill sets and areas of expertise, which helps them to apply a multi-disciplined approach to each and every design project they take on, while it’s their meticulous attention to detail and creative flair that unites them – and sets them apart from the rest.

We caught up with Bethany, Katie, Jasmine and Tasmine to find out a little more…

What’s Styled all about?

Styled was born from a passion for all things interiors. We’re a luxury interior design agency, providing end-to-end design services for those wanting something extraordinary from their accommodation, commercial, hospitality or residential projects. We offer our clients knowledge, experience and peace of mind, with an unrivalled passion for all things interiors.

At Styled, we bring our client’s visions to life from concept through to completion. We offer a personalised service, tailored to individual design needs, to help overcome the unique challenges that come with every project. Our services include everything from concept generation, spacial planning and technical drawings to art curation, procurement and project styling.

Styled began by renovating high-end holiday homes for your sister company, Host & Stay. How has it evolved to what we see today?

With backgrounds in a range of different sectors, our curated team of designers have a unique and diverse set of skills. It made sense for us to expand our services based on this: from holiday home accommodation to the other areas, such as commercial and residential properties.

During those initial months of working with our sister company, we realised that we had a unique position within the market as an all-encompassing interior design agency. By working in tandem with our suppliers and affiliates in construction and property management, we’re able to offer a full scope of services for our clients across the UK.

Would you say Styled has a style of its own?

Styled is all about providing design for those wanting something extraordinary for their interiors. We’re a luxury interior design company who love being bold and creative! Each of our designers has a style that is unique to them, which is what makes our team so special and how we continue to produce amazing interiors.

We know how to create striking interiors, without compromising on essential functionality, and our multi-disciplined team gives us the expertise to push boundaries for clients who want to achieve amazing spaces.

When did your passion for all things interiors begin?

We all started with an initial passion for Art & Design throughout our education and decided to pursue creative career paths through university. We love being able to tell a story through design and create beautiful spaces for our clients. We also love that design can make people’s lives better – whether that’s through creating an inspiring workplace that boosts productivity, or creating that perfect place to relax after a hard day’s work.

It’s an amazing feeling, seeing our creativity and hard work come together into something tangible – it’s what makes us so passionate about our profession and keeps us wanting to do more!

So, how does Styled work?

After a client has expressed interest in working with us, we set up an initial call to discuss their project, budget and what services they’re looking for from us. Each project is different; some clients just want an initial design concept, while others want us to project manage the whole thing, from concept to completion.

After an initial call, we begin working on setting a design direction, which is essentially a mood board of images that helps give the client an idea of the style and colour scheme we would like to use on their project. Once we’re agreed on a direction, we would then put together a furnishing design showcasing all the furnishing items in the design, detailed floor plans and itemised lists showing the full breakdown in pricing. Depending on the size and scale of the project, we would work with subcontractors to ensure they have all the documentation they need to make a start on construction, whilst we manage the procurement of items in the design.

The final stage is installation. This is where the design comes together in real life, and where we can begin to add any styling elements and finishing touches ready for the property to be photographed or handed back over to the client.

What qualities do you look for in the suppliers and partners you work with?

What sets us apart as an interior design company is our existing relationships with our partners. Styled is part of the SDDE group, which offers a wide range of services from construction through to property management. This allows us to offer a full and comprehensive package of services to ensure a smooth and stress-free process for our clients. However, we do still work with external companies if the client has their own preferred partners.

We only work with suppliers who provide the best quality products and services within our client’s budget. This ensures that each of our projects, whether they are residential, accommodation or commercial, provide quality and longevity for our clients.

The ethos of Styled seems to be centred on a collaborative creative process. Is it very much a case of teamwork makes the dream work?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on using our team’s key strengths in each area to create the best possible results for our clients, every time. Each member of the team comes from a different background within the industry; as such, we can offer different style approaches and solutions for different needs. We love working on bigger projects as a team – it’s fascinating to see how a project can evolve creatively when multiple team members collaborate.

You’re dedicated to creating spaces that express their own identity. How do you go about conveying personality in your design concepts?

For us, the most important step in any design is how it will function for the end user. Every project needs to be practical for its primary function. From here, we can then start to plan the aesthetics of the design, which make each project unique. We take inspiration from a project’s surroundings, its history and its purpose to direct our choices in styles, textures, materials and colours. The different combinations of these elements are what helps create a unique identity of each space.

What are your ultimate ambitions for Styled?

Our ambition for Styled is to be one of the leading figures in the interior design industry across the UK. Our philosophy here at Styled is to deliver exceptional interior design services across multiple sectors, whilst priding ourselves on offering our clients a stress-free and flexible service so that they can fully enjoy the collaborative creative process, as well as the end result.


Bethany Walker, Head of Interior Design & Project Management

Bethany originally studied Architecture, but soon found she preferred the creative process of Interior Design. By blending her technical background with the more creative side of interior design, she can create designs that are both functional and aesthetic.

She prefers a ‘warm modern’ approach for residential design; however, for commercial and hospitality projects, she loves much quirkier, bolder and transformative designs. Her technical background is critical for larger projects, where she can help clients create a design that tells the story of their brand whilst ensuring key functionality needs and regulations are met.

Katie Molnar, Interior Designer

Katie studied Interior Design at university, before going on to start her professional career in the Cruise Ship design sector. She loves the creativity and freedom that comes with designing for the hospitality industry, but she also loves working with clients on their residential projects because of how personal the process is. Getting to know her clients and helping them create a home they love is one of her favourite parts of the role here at Styled.

Jasmine Bishop, Interior Designer

Jasmine also studied Architecture originally, before starting her professional career with a high-end home interiors brand. Her experience in interior styling and visual merchandising allows her to apply her keen eye for aesthetics into her designs and project styling.

She loves managing her clients’ projects on install days and watching them come to life, where she can begin to style and stage her designs ready to be photographed. Residential projects are her favourite to work on – helping her client’s make their everyday home beautiful and functional is what inspires and motivates her with each new project.

Tasmine Williams, Junior Designer

Tasmine is the latest recruit to the Styled team. She joins the business with a background in interior styling, visual merchandising and content creation. Tasmine oversees all things social and marketing for Styled, whilst building her design skills as a Junior Designer within the team. She loves bold and eclectic interiors and enjoys the early process of creating a design, where she can transform a client’s brief into a virtual concept.

For more information about how the Styled team can transform your décor, visit their website

And for reams of incredible interiors inspo, follow Styled on Facebook and Instagram.

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