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‘I feel better than I did on HRT’ – Introducing the multi-award-winning menopause supplement

Suffering from menopause symptoms? Doctor Seaweed’s 100% natural supplement, Menopause+, is here to the rescue.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 30.09.2023

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From hot flushes to brain fog and hair loss, the symptoms of menopause affect us all in different ways.

Menopause is still considered to be a taboo subject, with many of us not talking about what we’re going through. But all of us ladies go through it, so why should we suffer in silence?

Whether you’re on HRT and want to switch to natural support or have tried everything and nothing seems to work, we’ve discovered a 100% natural and multi-awarding-winning menopause supplement – Menopause+.

Whitley Bay local, Dr. Craig Rose –  aka Doctor Seaweed – is a marine biologist and seaweed enthusiast who identified the urgent need for seaweed in our diets and is on a mission to spread awareness of how this superfood can and will benefit our health and wellbeing.

After winning Best New Supplement at the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2022 and being a finalist in the Get the Gloss Wellness Awareness Awards 2023, we discover what the buzz about Menopause+ is all about…

HLN TOP TIP: Doctor Seaweed offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


It’s the best-kept secret in the health and beauty industry: seaweed is a saviour.

Dr Seaweed sustainably sources its seaweed from the Outer Hebrides just off the west coast of mainland Scotland. These waters are monitored by the Crown Estate to stop pollution, which means the seaweed used in each supplement is of the highest quality.

Seaweed is the only plant-based food that’s naturally a rich source of iodine. This superfood naturally supports our bodies’ production of thyroid hormones – which, basically, help almost every important function going on inside of us.

Did you know that menopause symptoms overlap with symptoms of thyroid conditions? Data suggest the decrease of oestrogen during menopause affects how our thyroid receptors allow hormones to enter cells, affecting both our cellular and thyroid function.

So, by bolstering our thyroid hormones with iodine, we can also limit the severity of our menopausal symptoms.


Taking control of your menopause in a natural and healthy way can be achieved through the wide range of nutrients found in Doctor Seaweed’s Menopause+ supplement.

The key ingredient, organic seaweed, provides essential natural iodine, alongside added natural and plant-based vitamins including C, D3, B-complex and Red Clover that support various symptoms associated with all stages of menopause.


Each of the key nutrients in Menopause+ is an essential part of a diet intended to support you and your wider wellness, contributing to numerous health benefits:

  1. Regulation of hormonal activity
  2. Thyroid health and function
  3. Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  4. Energy yielding metabolism
  5. Bone maintenance and muscle function
  6. Mental performance
  7. Psychological and cognitive function
  8. Skin maintenance
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Enough of the science behind how Menopause+ helps to relieve our menopause symptoms, we ask Doctor Seaweed’s customers how the supplements have impacted them…

I have been taking these supplements for around six weeks. I feel like they’ve made a difference. I have more energy, my brain fog has been better, I’m sleeping better, and my skin and hair have improved. I’ll be definitely sticking with them.’ –  Sarah

‘Wonder product. I wanted to come off HRT and saw these, so decided to try them. I have more energy, I’m sleeping better than I have for years and my head feels clearer too. It did take a month or so to start feeling the effects, but I definitely feel better than I did on the HRT’ – Renee 

‘Life changer. It may sound exaggerated, but these tablets have literally been a life changer for me. My hot flushes have almost gone, and my brain fog and anxiety have reduced. It’s so worth it’ –  Michelle



Speak to a health care professional if pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication or have existing medical conditions. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Iodine can be harmful if taken in excess dosages.

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