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The Batt House – An expert guide to anti-wrinkle treatment through the decades

When to consider getting it and is it ever too late to start anti-wrinkle treatment? Independent Nurse Prescriber and owner of the aesthetic clinic, The Batt House, Claire Battista, is here to smooth things out...

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 11.10.2023

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Ageing, a testament to a life well-lived, can also have an impact on our appearance.

Whether you’re just beginning to notice deepening forehead wrinkles or if you’ve been hiding those crow’s feet for years, ageing impacts us uniquely at different stages in our lives.

While we all aspire to age gracefully, sometimes we require that extra boost to feel confident in ourselves. This is exactly where The Batt House, a Northumberland aesthetic clinic, comes in.

Founder and Independent Nurse Prescriber Claire Battista takes the time to understand your unique needs and creates a tailored treatment plan. The goal? To provide long-lasting, subtle enhancements that effortlessly take the years off your appearance.

And rest assured, you’re in capable hands with Claire, who boasts over two decades of experience in the NHS as a nurse and health visitor. She channels her medical expertise and passion for helping others into her aesthetic career while staying up to date with the latest treatments and techniques.

But when should we start getting anti-wrinkle treatment and is it ever too late to begin? We caught up with Claire who shared her guide for all ages…


Depending upon genetics, ethnicity and lifestyle you may be seeing signs of ageing. Faint lines may appear on the forehead and around the eyes. Some may notice makeup starting to sit in these areas. This is a great time to start considering anti-wrinkle treatment to prevent lines from deepening.



Lines between your brows, forehead and around the eyes become more noticeable, but still fairly faint when you aren’t making facial movement, meaning static lines, which are the lines we are starting to see when we aren’t making expression are only just developing or are fairly faint in appearance. Having anti-wrinkle treatment now prevents those static lines from becoming deeper and more noticeable.


How noticeable our lines and wrinkles are at this age depends upon treatments previously had, lifestyle, and genetics. Lines and wrinkles become more noticeable with volume loss to the mid and lower face occurring.

At this age a full-face approach to treatment is important. Anti-wrinkle treatments can be carried out in the upper and lower face. Treatment addresses lines and wrinkles but also is highly effective in treating particular muscles in the lower face which are working to pull the lower face downwards, increasing the sagging to the lower face.



In our 50’s and 60’s, our lines will be becoming more prominent, with continued volume loss. If at this age you are new to the idea of anti-wrinkle treatment, they will be very beneficial in softening lines and in the lower face and more structure to the lower face giving an overall much fresher look.

For more information about anti-wrinkle treatments or to book your consultation, visit The Batt House’s website.

To see some anti-wrinkle transformations, check out The Batt House’s Instagram account.



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