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Meet the Newcastle fashion designer who’s creating bespoke pieces for the red carpet

From London Fashion Week to the BRIT Awards, we catch up with the founder of Somebody Else’s Guy, Corey Dixon, who is a rising star in the fashion industry.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 18.10.2023

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As we all know the fashion industry is highly competitive, and North East hasn’t been typically in the limelight… until now.

Meet Corey Dixon, the Newcastle fashion designer who’s the creative force behind Somebody Else’s Guy and is making a name for the North East in the fashion world.

Working from her Newcastle studio, Corey breathes new life into ‘somebody else’s’ garments by upcycling pre-loved clothing, transforming them into couture pieces that are not only affordable but also sustainable and gender-neutral.

Each of Corey’s reworked pieces are bold, bespoke, and one-of-a-kind, so you’re guaranteed not to bump into anyone wearing the same. Plus, Corey also offers a rental service if you’re searching for a statement outfit for that next special occasion.

From creating face masks during lockdown to now designing red carpet looks for the BRIT Awards, BAFTAs and outfits for likes of H from Steps (just to name a few), Corey has come so far.

At HLN we’re truly fangirling Corey’s success, which is why we caught up with her to delve into her journey so far, discover her source of inspiration and explore some highlights of her work…

Owner and founder of Somebody Else's Guy Corey Dixon

Where did it all start?

From the age of three, I was pretty picky about what I would wear, and I definitely got my love for fashion from my mam. I used to be a dancer but when I was on stage, I would always be thinking about what I was going to be wearing at the weekend. I ended up getting into the costume side and worked on cruise ships for four years, designing and making costumes.

I lost my mam at the beginning of the lockdown and I needed an outlet for my grief, something that I enjoyed. I started making face masks out of faux designer fabric to fundraise for Cancer Research, as my mam passed away from cancer.

This made me realise that people actually wanted to buy the stuff that I was making. I started experimenting with clothes in my flat and it all has escalated from there.

Meet the Newcastle fashion designer who’s creating bespoke pieces for the red carpet

What sets you apart from other designers?

All my designs are one-off statement pieces and are made to measure, so no one will ever wear the same item as you. I tend to gravitate to the men’s tailoring side, especially upcycling blazers where I take the masculinity and make it feminine, but all my pieces are gender-neutral.

Everything is upcycled from charity shops or pre-loved donations, it’s not fast fashion. While sustainability is gaining traction in the fashion industry, many focus only on recycling fabrics, whereas I prioritise upcycling making it more sustainable.

Throughout the entire creative process, I work closely with my clients, making it feel like we’re crafting the look together. This shared experience I feel is what keeps them returning, and it’s an incredibly rewarding feeling.

Meet the Newcastle fashion designer who’s creating bespoke pieces for the red carpet

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My drive stems from my mam. I remember those last few days with her when she told me how proud she was of me, and it hit me – I needed to make her proud, which gave me the motivation to follow my passion.

Music has been a big part of my life, as well as my work, in helping with coping. Naming my brand, Somebody Else’s Guy, after Jocelyn Brown’s song ties into transforming ‘somebody else’s’ clothing. Each of my creations is named after a song, and I’ve even made a Spotify playlist that continues to grow with each new outfit I design.


Meet the Newcastle fashion designer who’s creating bespoke pieces for the red carpet

Talk to us about your creative process?

I’m so lucky as most people I’ve worked with have reached out to me. I always start with a conversation where I get to know their style and personality. Some clients come to me with a clear idea of the vibe they want, while others might need a bit more guidance. From there, I take it, run with it and let my creativity flow.

I prefer not to draw sketches of the designs. I find that this approach allows for more flexibility and fewer limitations over the process. I only start sewing when I’m absolutely certain the client is 100% satisfied with the design. They provide me with their measurements, we discuss the details and then I bring their vision to life.

What are some highlights of your career so far? 

The first celebrity I worked with was H from Steps – he actually came to me, which is crazy.  I worked with his stylist to design a jacket for their latest Platinum Megamix album cover. I also created looks for him for their last tour.

I created former Gogglebox star Joe Baggs’ red carpet look at the NTA’s. I’ve also created looks for The BRIT Awards, the Bafta’s and the Barbie the Movie premiere.

I’ve recently dressed actor Layton Williams from Bad Education for Strictly Come Dancing, It Takes Two and he wore Somebody Else’s Guy on his appearance on Lorraine, too. – it doesn’t feel real seeing my work on TV and people commenting on them.

I’ve also got more really exciting things I’m currently working on that I can’t discuss just yet, but things are only getting better…

Somebody Else's Guy

Looking back how do you feel about your success?

It never feels like work to me, I honestly don’t feel like it’s happening. I never thought it would have come this far.

It’s crazy the amount of support I’ve received from people and when I’m getting celebrities asking to work with me it’s just mind-blowing. I’m just working in my zone and then I don’t realise how far it’s come and I’m so excited about it.


Somebody Else's Guy suit

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