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From freelancer to firm: the journey of Blue Moon Marketing’s triumph

From what’s it like being a female-only team to setting up a business as a mum-to-be, we go behind the scenes with Managing Director, Anne Reynolds

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 25.10.2023

As the saying goes ‘everything happens for a reason’ and this success story is a real testament to this notion.

After dedicating a decade to climbing the corporate ladder at two renowned marketing agencies, it was when Covid struck and Anne Reynolds fell pregnant that she began to reconsider how she wanted to lead her life.

Motivated by securing her family’s financial future and embracing the newfound need for flexibility as a soon-to-be mother, Anne ventured into freelancing. She began to assist businesses with their branding and marketing needs, all while juggling other full-time commitments.

But soon business began to boom, her client base grew to 15 independent businesses and Blue Moon Marketing was born.

Fast forward two years, now with a committed team of six professionals, Blue Moon Marketing has been instrumental in helping to grow businesses across the UK with their marketing services.

We caught up with Anne to unravel the secrets behind her extraordinary success…

Anne Reynold headshot Blue Moon Marketing

When did you know that Blue Moon Marketing was going to be a success?

At a point when I was managing 15 independent businesses at once, I knew this was too much for me to do as a solo freelancer. It was then that I realised this was more than just a lifestyle business to serve me and my family, there was an opportunity to serve many people. I realised Blue Moon could be the driving force in making a real difference, not just in how marketing agencies operate and are perceived by clients (eliminating the jargon) – but in how we can support staff to work around their life commitments.


From freelancer to firm: the journey of Blue Moon Marketing’s triumph

What are some highlights of setting up your business so far?

One of my biggest highlights was receiving an award nomination for ‘New Agency to Watch’ at the Prolific North Champions Awards earlier this year. Although we didn’t win this time, the fact we got some recognition so early on in our journey was incredible. Another high has been receiving investment from our flagship client RE:GEN Group. They believe in what we are doing and want to see Blue Moon continue to grow – if that’s not recognition for the incredible work being done, then I don’t know what is.

Anne Reynold Blue Moon Marketing

What makes your business stand out?

We focus on keeping everything simple, stripping out the jargon and over-complex processes to ensure that marketing can be enjoyed by everyone. We work hard to behave as an in-house marketing team for our clients, eliminating the typical “them and us” that you see with marketing agencies and their clients.

I often act as an ‘in-house Marketing Director’, white labelling my expertise to my clients as and when they need it (for example when attending events or networking). We don’t even see our clients as clients, they are colleagues, teammates and most importantly, family.

Blue moon marketing office

Looking back is there anything you would have done differently?

I would have believed in myself sooner. I never set out to be a business owner, and often refer to myself as the ‘accidental entrepreneur’ because it was other situations that led me here, but looking back now this was in my veins from day dot.

I was so scared to bring on my first employee. I questioned how they would ever believe in my vision but seeing now the impact my first six employees have had on me and the businesses – the vision is what aligns us all, and brings us all together. I’m so glad they believed.

Blue Moon Marketing

What challenges have you faced over the years?

The greatest challenge was becoming a new mum at the same time as becoming a business owner. I felt like I had two babies and trying to prioritise between the two and work out what each needed to nurture and grow was certainly testing at times, but equally rewarding when I got it right.

I also spent the first 18 months of Blue Moon working remotely in Belgium. My husband is in the military, and we decided to move overseas to accompany his posting. At first, working remotely was easy because Covid made it possible but as restrictions relaxed, I realised just how important being face-to-face was to growing client relationships and embedding an internal working culture so our return to the UK earlier this year was well-timed.

From freelancer to firm: the journey of Blue Moon Marketing’s triumph

How does it feel to look back on how far you have come?

It feels surreal, and I still have to pinch myself when I look at where I started working at the dining table during Covid, being heavily pregnant to now seeing a team of girls around me in our new state-of-the-art office.  I never expected anyone to believe in my vision, and with every job offer I put out to employees my imposter syndrome struck and I was convinced they’d say no. But every time they said yes with no hesitation.

From freelancer to firm: the journey of Blue Moon Marketing’s triumph

What would you say have been the secrets behind your success?

Despite being a challenge in a lot of ways, becoming a mother has actually been the secret to my success. I realised when becoming a mother that no matter what you’ve got to keep getting up every day, showing up for your family and pushing forward. I applied this approach to Blue Moon. That doesn’t mean working all the hours god sends, but it means staying accountable and learning to love a business like a baby. Giving it everything it needs to thrive and supporting it through each phase of its growth.

My family have also been incredible. From my husband to my parents and in-laws, every one of them has spent the last three years creating space for me to ‘do what I need to do’ to get business milestones over the line.

What advice would you give to anyone who is dreaming of setting up their own business?

Trust the process. Just like being a parent, some days are relentless, and you feel like it’s all going wrong but never give up.

Blue moon marketing

Why is it important to you to have a female-only team?

I don’t intend for Blue Moon to remain female-only forever but given the journey that I have personally been on, many women resonated with that and wanted to be part of this new vision.

Many of our team are young and starting out with ambitions to start their own families so knowing that they are working for a business that will work around their life milestones, allowing them to grow their careers simultaneously has been really important.

Marketing is a very female-orientated world, but interestingly our key clients are in construction, a very underrepresented world for females. By hiring women, we can challenge some of those statistics head on and make a real difference when representing our clients in their industries.



Blue Moon Marketing doormat

Why should businesses prioritise their marketing?

Your marketing is your one opportunity to tell people who you really are. To control the narrative and to direct the script. If you aren’t in tune with that and don’t want to take an interest, then how can you ever expect any of your customers or audience to take an interest in you? Communication is pivotal to business growth and success. I feel proud to represent how to do it well.

For more information about how Blue Moon Marketing can help support your business, visit their website.

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