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Focus on your wellbeing this winter with Yoga X Life Studios

Take some time out for you, focus on your mental health and be part of a community by starting yoga.

Written by High Life North
Published 18.11.2023


There’s a special sort of joy that comes with embracing the slowing pace of autumn.

As nature nudges us to take a breather, the festive lights and promises of new beginnings are just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to embrace a wellness routine that feeds your body, clears your mind, and connects you to joy.

At Yoga x Life Studios, founders Debbie and Chris are on a mission to make the life-affirming practices of yoga and meditation accessible to everyone.

With over a decade in the industry, they’ve seen plenty of trends come and go but have stayed true to their core mission—delivering excellent and consistent yoga that fits modern lifestyles and hectic schedules while bringing a strong sense of community.


Step inside, and you’ll feel it—the genuine warmth of the staff and the vibrant energy that fills the space. The air carries Debbie’s secret studio oil blend, a fragrant welcome that starts destressing you before you even find your way to a mat.

Focus your wellbeing this winter with Yoga X Life Studios

Picture this: an abundance of greenery, sunlit spaces, and a comfy minimalist design with a touch of Indonesia and wafts of incense in the air. Step into a haven of tranquillity at Yoga x Life Studios.

The two studios boast an unbeatable class schedule, complemented by a vegan and gluten-free café and a thoughtfully curated wellness store. It’s not just a studio—it’s a complete oasis.

At Yoga x Life Studios, it’s more than just a place – it’s a community where everyone knows and cares for each other. Many people are in no rush to leave as it’s the perfect spot to connect and make new friends. The team? Super friendly, professional, and attentive. You can sense their belief in what they offer and the genuine care they have for sharing it with you. It’s like finding your wellness tribe.

As Chris explains; ‘Yoga picks you up wherever you’re at and works with you from there.’


If you’re looking to try yoga for the first time, you can’t beat the wide range of classes and welcoming atmosphere of Yoga X Life Studios.

Focus your wellbeing this winter with Yoga X Life Studios

There’s no need to stress about standing out— there’s a friendly vibe here. A peek around the class shows a mix of ages, abilities, and genders, proving there’s no ‘odd one out’ here.

With dedicated beginner classes and expert teachers leading mixed-level sessions, it’s a breeze to dive in, even if you’ve never touched a yoga mat before, Yoga x Life Studios has got you covered.

Focus your wellbeing this winter with Yoga X Life Studios

For something active: try the sunrise vinyasa, vinyasa flow or a nourishing flow slow.

For something super chilled: delve into restorative, yin and yoga Nidra.

For something soulful: try a moon meditation.

For something more physically challenging: try core energy or dynamic vinyasa for an all-level class with added fire.


If you’re diving into yoga for the first time and prefer starting with the basics, you’re in luck. Yoga x Life Studios hosts three beginner sessions each week—Monday and Thursday evenings and Wednesday mornings. It’s the perfect way to kick off your yoga journey.

Focus your wellbeing this winter with Yoga X Life Studios

(Un)block Special Offer

Grab a spot in beginner classes for just £5 each when you book five, these are perfect for newbies or anyone with burning health questions. These classes give you the extra time to dive into each pose, explore variations, and nail those modifications.

Focus your wellbeing this winter with Yoga X Life Studios

30-day Trial

Ready for a yoga adventure? The 30-day trial at Yoga X Life Studios is your golden ticket. Enjoy unlimited classes, meet the awesome community, explore the facilities, figure out your routine, and find your favourite mat spot.

Focus your wellbeing this winter with Yoga X Life Studios

This trial isn’t just about yoga; it’s a sneak peek into the strength, energy, and calm a regular practice can bring. Plus, it helps you figure out how your class schedule and coffee dates with your new bestie fit into your day-to-day routine and responsibilities. It’s like a trial for a better, more balanced life.

HLN TOP TIP: We recommend basking under the infrared heaters at this time of year with the website offering a handy floor plan that tells you where these mats are alongside the window spots and the back corners too.


Focus your wellbeing this winter with Yoga X Life Studios


Booking is a breeze at Yoga x Life Studios. You can book through Yoga x Life Studios’ website, through their mobile app or even pop in and the friendly reception team will get you signed up. A heads up, these classes are popular, so secure your spot in advance.

Focus your wellbeing this winter with Yoga X Life Studios


Choose from 50+ weekly sessions, with diverse styles led by expert teachers for genuine progression. Affordable options cater to every budget, and did we mention free parking?

The vibes? Oh, they’re all about feeling good —immersed in a harmonious blend of music, scents, and like-minded yogis all on a journey of personal growth.

Yoga X Life Studios, Units 1-3 Bryson Court, Portland Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1DW

Photography credit: Chocolate Chip Photography 

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