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Dream of having timeless minimalistic interiors? Introducing Claire Ackworth Interior Design

Luxury interiors that exude understated elegance, Claire will transform your home to not just be visually stunning but to fit into your lifestyle

If you dream of having interiors that stand the test of time with a minimalistic flair, Claire Ackworth Interior Design, is your go-to.

Based in the North of England, Claire Ackworth brings over a decade of expertise to the table, having honed her skills in the bustling design hubs of London and the Home Counties.

With a passion for creating luxury interiors that exude understated elegance, Claire’s mission is simple – to transform living spaces to be not just visually stunning but to fit into your daily lifestyle.

So, what inspired Claire to specialize in timeless interiors? …The belief that great design should evolve with you, reflecting your journey and your personality every step of the way.

With Claire Ackworth Interior Design by your side, you can rest assured knowing that your dream space will become a reality.

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But what sets Claire’s designs apart? It’s all about balance. By steering clear of ever-changing trends and instead focusing on timeless elements like texture, tone, and architectural integrity, Claire creates unique interiors that will never look outdated.

And when it comes to selecting furniture and decor, Claire has a keen eye for pieces that stand the test of time. From natural finishes like marble and timber to curated collections that feel personal, every element is chosen with care.

But what we love is that the most important part of Claire’s approach is personalisation. By taking the time to understand your taste, lifestyle and quirks, Claire infuses each design with a sense of individuality


A tailored approach

So, how does it all work? It all starts with a conversation. Claire and her team will sit down with you to understand your vision, your timeline and your budget.

Whether it’s a residential refurbishment, a show home for developers, or a bespoke design consultancy, Claire Ackworth Interior Design offers a tailored approach to suit your needs.

All about the details

Once the brief is set, Claire dives into the conceptual stage, crafting mood boards that blend interior architecture with furnishings, all created with meticulous detail in mind.

From there, it’s all about the finer points, with detailed elevations, lighting plans, and floor finishes carefully mapped out to perfection.

Be guided throughout

Throughout the project, Claire is your guiding light, attending site meetings, liaising with tradespeople and ensuring every detail is executed with precision.

When it comes to installation, Claire is there every step of the way, overseeing deliveries and conducting thorough walkthroughs to ensure your space is nothing but flawless.

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High Life NorthHigh Life NorthHigh Life North

Start with a neutral base

‘Make sure you have varying tones and textures within the scheme. You can always add stronger accent colours throughout accessories, such as cushions which can be changed more frequently to suit your needs.’

Try to stay away from bold trends that are purely aesthetic

‘Mixing textures and subtle patterns within upholstery will create depth and interest, whilst playing around with varying tones throughout the interior will add a further visual impact.

‘If you live in a period home or a more contemporary setting, make sure your interior honours this. Creating interiors based on current trends can often downgrade the property’s architectural base. Both the interior and exterior need to work together.’

Invest in good quality pieces that represent natural finishes

‘Think marble, timber and antique brass/bronze. These items can be adapted over time and presented in various ways by updating accessories and styling throughout.’

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