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  • 10th Apr 2024
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Discover the perfect spring scents at Northumberland’s new home fragrance shop

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Listen up, there’s a new scent sanctuary in town. Let us introduce you to Dovecote Northumberland’s new store in Alnwick.

Here at HLN, we’ve been obsessed with Dovecote since they first opened their online store four years ago. So, we’re so excited to experience all their fragrances in person and to get the full sensory experience – though our bank balance probably won’t thank us.

Dovecote Northumberland has opened its doors just in time for the new season, offering perfect spring scents to freshen up our living spaces.

Expect a treasure trove of home fragrances, each one meticulously crafted to whisk us away on a sensory journey like no other. From floral fantasies to woody wonders, Dovecote has something to suit every home.

Here’s everything you need to know…


Walking into Dovecote Northumberland’s new store your senses will be awakened. Think soft lighting, chic decor and shelves stocked with sleek packaging that’s almost too pretty to unwrap.

It’s the kind of place that makes you want to take your time to explore every nook and cranny in search of your next signature scent.

And let’s talk about the experts behind the counter – they really know their stuff. Whether you’re a fragrance fanatic or a newbie in the scent scene, they’re always on hand to offer personalised recommendations and spill the tea on the stories behind each scent.

Plus, what we love is that now Dovecote Northumberland has its own store gives them a chance to connect with their customers on a deeper level to build a sense of community.


Dovecote Northumberland offers a range of unique and captivating scents made from high-quality, natural ingredients that are carefully crafted to create a welcoming and soothing atmosphere in any space.

Each fragrance is thoughtfully curated to evoke specific emotions and enhance the ambience of a room. From hand-poured soy wax candles that last up to 50 hours to luxury reed diffusers and room sprays to wax melt, Dovecote has plenty of options for you to enjoy your favourite scents in a way you like.


Lemongrass & Ginger

If you love the refreshing scent of citrus.

Fresh Mint & Wild Rhubarb

If you’re looking for something cool and sweet for the lighter nights.

Lime Basil & Mandarin

If you’re after a warm and awakening ambience as the weather begins to get better.

Discover the perfect spring scents at Northumberland’s new home fragrance shop


Dovecote Northumberland isn’t just about selling scents – they’re on a mission to do good, too. From sourcing sustainable ingredients to reducing their environmental footprint, they’re committed to making the world a better and fragrant place for all.

You can expect only clean and natural without harmful chemicals which is what sets Dovecote apart from competitors that may use artificial fragrances.


The best part? This is just the beginning. Dovecote Northumberland is always working on something new behind the scenes, whether it’s expanding its product lines or dreaming up innovative fragrances that you’ll adore.


Dovecote Northumberland is kindly offering our readers an exclusive discount of 15% on all online orders over £20. Just use the code ‘HLN15’ in the discount code box on the checkout page.

Stay up to date with Dovecote Northumberland’s new product and fragrance launches and offers by following their Instagram and Facebook.

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