Pink Cable-Knit Vest – Zara - £25.99
Pink Cable-Knit Vest – Zara - £25.99

Autumnal transition picks that are on-trend and purse-friendly

Transitional fashion pieces that will fit into both your summer and autumn wardrobes.

By Bekki Ramsay

Apologies to those who don’t want to admit it, but Autumn is approaching us quickly. And whilst this does, unfortunately, mean wetter weather, the positive is that we get to be excited for the new crop of outfit ideas with the change in season.

Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together five transitional fashion pieces that will fit into both your summer and autumn wardrobe and given four options for each.

So, scroll on down to get a head start on shopping all of the fashion picks that are on-trend and purse-friendly before all of the other fashion girls get their fingers on them…

The silhouette of the season: A Peter Pan collar

Just like its namesake, the boy in the fairy tale who would not grow up, this timeless style injects youth, innocence and playfulness into any outfit. If you’re not feeling as confident in this new-found craze, try purchasing a sweater silhouetted version (as seen in H&M), or if you’re ready to rock this frivolous fashion trend, go all out and buy a ‘nice’ top that can be worn with some jeans.  

Four sweater vests to give you thrills, and save from the chills

If there’s one autumnal trend that is seen time and time again on every ‘It’ girls Instagram, it’s the humble sweater vest. Whilst many of us wouldn’t be seen wearing one a couple of years ago, they’re now a craze in the fashion world – so much so that they keep selling out. Team it with your trusty blouse or roll neck and some leather pants for a luxurious but effortless look.

Four cardigans feeling cropped, cropped, cropped

If you’re not yet ready to accept that Autumn is amongst us, then a cropped cardigan is the perfect compromise for the colder months (sorry, I mean, slightly less hot). Pop one of these over your warmer weather clothes and your arms will be grateful for that added layer. 

Suited and chunky-sole booted

We’re officially in the period of the year where you try to make the most of your summer pieces, by teaming your trusty tea dresses or silky summer skirt, with a knit (see above) and a chunky-soled black boot. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that this is ‘The Official Transitional Outfit Combination for the Changing of Seasons’ – and one that looks stylish time after time.

Half shirt, half jacket, 100% stylish

The shacket (shirt and jacket) is the half pasta, half pizza fashion piece of the world, and one that is just as filling – but this time, filling a gap in any fashion-conscious girls’ wardrobe. There’s just something about a shacket that screams style to us, as it can make any outfit look sophisticatedly strung together with its sturdy silhouette.