How to style your gym outfit into your everyday outfit

You’re a strong, busy woman. You crush your workouts, but now it’s time to make your schedule work around you. Who said you couldn’t make that gym-sesh/chic/street style work all at once?

By Iona May Todd

Listen, I know – getting home from a long day at work and getting hot and sweaty instead of tucking into the ‘Teasers and watching Eastenders doesn’t sound so tempting. But what if you were already in your workout clothes? Not so easy to flake out then, huh?

Turns out, wearing your gym clothes underneath your work outfit is easier than it sounds.


The Post-Work Workout

Start off with your sports bra and shorts, so your base layer’s sorted. Stack atop a pair of paper-bag trousers, easily breathable and easily layered, and pair that with a ruched shirt so you can show off that tapered waist you’ve been working hard for, too. And don’t forget – a girl-boss outfit is never complete without a tie-waist coat.

The Mid-Day Workout

Your legs are aching, abs are tense, and you only have 20 minutes to pop to Lidl before your boss is back booming on Zoom.

We got this.

Do a Princess Diana this time by styling out your workout shorts, and throw on an oversized varsity jumper to rep the retro street-style look. Keep the trainers and throw on a pair of shades, so you can be confident that no-one could even peek at the sweat dripping into your eyes. Top it off with a stylish, plain black bag and you’re good to go – back before your boss even has time to blink.

The Morning Workout

It’s already time for the school run and you’ve just finished with Joe Wicks. Don’t sweat (any more than you already are).

Take that long-sleeved workout top and use it to your advantage, using block colours to navigate you from sweaty to stylish.

Add a pair of wide-legged joggers so you’re comfortable after running on the treadmill and running after the kids, and looking good while you do both. Style with a chunky trainer, add an on-trend aviator jacket, and be the envy of the playground even after your super-hard sesh. Sorted.

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