Interior Goals: These 10 Trends Will Rule 2021

Hit refresh on your home décor

By Jenny Brownlees

If you feel like it’s time to reinvent your space, you’re in luck – we’ve deep-dived into the biggest interiors trends of 2021 to bring you the latest info and tips on what’s hot right now.

Ensuring our day-to-day surroundings are a relaxing place to be is important, especially as we’re spending more time at home now than ever before.

So, what’s set to rule in 2021? When it comes to on-trend colours, in all honesty, everything goes – from calming neutrals to bold statement hues. We’d argue that, this year, it’s the details that are dominating interiors trends, rather than large-scale changes to kitchen or bathroom styles. If you’re wondering which rising trends to incorporate, we’ve found the pieces to shop right now.

Embrace the curve


Rather than the harsh, solid lines seen in rigid, boxy furniture, this year we’ll be seeing a curve-shaped aesthetic coming back into fashion. This trend runs throughout the interior landscape, with flowing lines seen everywhere from architectural details to furniture and lighting styles. The trend links back to the Postmodernism era, where arches, soft lines and a retro-feel ruled. Something about this trend makes interior spaces feel instantly calming—a welcome bonus.

Green is God


No matter the room or style, every single tone of this botanical hue reigns supreme. Yes, Pantone may have chosen grey and yellow as its colours of 2021, and whilst they’re great to accessorise with, we say last year’s greenery trend is still number one for this year and beyond.

Whether you go all-out for a ‘70s style green velvet sofa or add accents with green textiles, this colour will comfort, up the cosy factor and bring the outside in. Extra points if your green-hued pieces crossover with other trends such as texture or curvature.

Light wood love-in

While dark woods like mahogany and walnut have previously ruled, this year light wood is having its moment in the spotlight. Fresh and uplifting, the below pieces make spaces look light and bright. Light wood fits in beautifully with this year’s trending Japandi style (that’s the new interior crossover of Japanese chic and Scandi aesthetic, FYI) for ease and minimalism.

Plate-scaping is the new gallery wall.


Art doesn’t have to be solely contained within paintings and prints. In 2021, up the décor stakes à la interiors influencer Lisa Dawson – adorning your walls with some circular decoration. We love the following plate sets for a truly unique way to spruce up a bare ‘n boring wall.

Stylishly sustainability


Not so much a trend, but a necessary movement, as the world slowly wakes up to the realisation that our habits need to change in order to sustain the planet’s resources. Whilst you may already be shopping slow fashion, 2021 is the time to bring sustainable picks into your homeware, too. Think reusable glass bottles over plastics, reclaimed wood and upcycled items.      

Au naturel


This crowd pleasing trend for everything natural evokes a feel of real balance and harmony. Channel the look with organic fabrics, earth-toned hues and nature-derived textures. This trend can easily cross over into sustainability, as many wooden, woven and rattan items look even better second-hand. Embrace linen, (don’t fight the crease, it’s trés on trend) rope, rattan and jute items that’ll serve up a warm, comfortable vibe for your home.

Coloured glassware

In 2021, coloured glassware in all its forms is a sure fire hit. Trend forecasters are citing kitchen shelves as thearea to style-up this year, so there’s nowhere better to display your glassware treasures. These pieces can often be eco-friendly, nailing two trends at once. We love ReFound Objects Decorative Coloured Jugs – a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Total Texture


Luxe, touchable textures are a whole mood for 2021. If it’s quilted, ruched, bouclé or similar, add it to your basket immediately. The rich nature of the aforementioned styles will add a touch of glamour to your room.

Artful ‘n’ Abstract

Trending, artful details that look like they could be one-off, designer items are a sure way to make a statement without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a simple way to inject some character into a space, look no further.



Candles have always been a homeware go-to, but these styles are not as we know them. Statement, ultra-unique candles have been all over Insta as of late, and are set to dominate spaces throughout 2021. Be it wavy, twisted, bubble or knotted, adding a quirky candle to your desk will bring your décor game bang into the new season.

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