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HLN x Mimi’s Edit: Lust List Takeover

Shop until 31st March with 15% off using code: HLN15

Written by Laura Kingston
Published 06.03.2021

Created in Partnership with Mimi's Edit

Based in the North East, Mimi’s Edit is an independent clothing and lifestyle brand for women. Stocking products that have been carefully curated from all around the world, you’re guaranteed to find something that’s just a little different to your usual high street offering here.

Owner Preet has a background in fashion and textiles but was working as a secondary school teacher until her son’s leukaemia diagnosis in 2017. After a year of being unable to work because she needed to look after her son, Preet decided to follow her dream and started Mimi’s Edit as a way to fulfil her professional ambitions while still being on hand for her boy.

Mimi’s Edit is all about bringing beautiful clothing and accessories to women who want more from their wardrobe. Versatile style is at the core of their brand values and wearability throughout our daily activities is a key focus.

Having turned to fashion to maintain positivity and her own sense of identity during the hardest part of her life, Preet is now determined to help you make your fashion fun again.

Shop until 31st March with 15% off using code: HLN15


Mimi’s Edit, Wonder Mum Greeting Card

Mimi’s Edit, Long Pearly Necklace

Mimi’s Edit, Camellia Pearl Earrings

(We love this photo!!)


Mimi’s Edit, Happy Necklace

Mimi’s Edit, Sparkle Hoop Earrings

Mimi’s Edit, Love Heart Enamel Earrings

Mimi’s Edit, Kimono

Mimi’s Edit, Button Front Dungarees

Mimi’s Edit, Leopard Print Midi Dress

Mimi’s Edit, Camellia 5 Earrings

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