Look Good

We’re talking bases, brows and blemishes

Written by High Life North
Published 03.04.2021

By Sophie Swift

The pandemic has changed life as we know it, and beauty trends are no exception. Gone are the full coverage makeup looks and acrylic nails; this Spring we’re all about a fresher, more natural look. Since the runways have reopened, mask-wearing and social-distancing protocols have translated to an array of face covering-minded makeup looks and extra-long quarantine hair – both acknowledging and offering inspiration for the times we live in.


Glowing Skin

Who doesn’t want glowing, youthful skin? The easiest and quickest way we’ve found to achieve glass-looking skin is to incorporate something into your daily routine that is simple, benefits your skin, and won’t break the bank. The simple answer: sun cream. Apply sun cream each morning before applying some light makeup and you’ll have glowing skin all day long. Perfect for avoiding the lobster look at garden gatherings!


Cream Complexion Products

The last thing any of us have wanted to do recently is slap a load of full coverage foundation and powder all over our skin to sit at home on a Zoom call. That’s why we’re fully onboard with the less-is-more approach and believe cream complexion products are a great starting point for a lighter base. From tinted moisturisers and BB creams to cream blushes and dewy highlighters, we love all things cream! A good place to start your exploration into the world of lighter base products should begin with fresh-faced brands such as Glossier, Charlotte Tilbury and Makeup Revolution.

Fluffy Untamed Brows

Fluffy, brushed up brows are on-trend right now – which might have something to do with the fact that none of us have been able to get our brows waxed or threaded for a while! But whatever the reason, feathery brows are a super easy look that can easily be achieved – all you’ll need is a little clear brow gel or even just soap. Yes, you heard right – soap. Grab a brow brush or spoolie, dampen your brush and rub it in the soap until the product is evenly distributed. Once your brow tool is all loaded up with soap, brush in upwards strokes through your brow hairs. This will leave you with fluffy, brushed up brows that will stay all day long.


Faux Freckles

The sun is beginning to peek through the clouds again as we’ve entered into Spring, but if you want to get your freckle on ahead of the Summer season, we strongly recommend faking it! Faux freckles are the new ‘in thing’ and are so simple to achieve. There’s a range of faux freckle products on the market, but we’d suggest that using a brow pencil or a brown eyeliner lightly across the skin – where the sun would naturally hit – is just as effective. If you find the results a little too bold, go back over your ‘freckles’ with a cotton bud to blend them out.



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