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Introducing Talentheads – the recruitment strategists who take the time to get to know your business before helping you attract and retain the right staff

Waving goodbye to the stereotype of traditional recruitment agencies, Talentheads are all about working collaboratively in-house to help you find – and keep – the right talent for your business.

Written by High Life North
Published 23.09.2021

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Finding the right people for your business is tough. We all know it. The market is competitive, a culture and company fit is hard to find and your time is precious.

Many of us may well have fallen into that familiar trap of outsourcing the recruitment for our business to free ourselves up for day-to-day tasks – enlisting the help of your traditional recruitment agencies who promise to attract talent fast, but who’s determination to fill the vacancy in your workforce is driven entirely by their desire for their placement fee. 

But not Talentheads. Spearheaded by Morpeth local Sam Spoors, who almost has a cool two decades in the industry, Talentheads pride themselves on being a recruitment consultancy with a difference. And that difference is that they actually care about the businesses they work with. 

Armed with a hunger for busines growth (and biscuits), the Talentheads team come into your office to work alongside you in-house – getting to know the people, working style and values that make your brand what it is and understanding your visions for the future. Only then can they truly recognise who will be the perfect fit for your workforce: not just in the short term, but for many years or projects to come. 

What’s more, Talentheads have said a confident farewell to placement fees and, instead, operate on a purely bespoke basis to allow their clients to well and truly call the shots, while still benefitting from the wealth of their experience in recruiting. 

All pretty ingenious, right? And what really makes our local hearts all warm and fuzzy is that Sam has specifically positioned her company to work with other North East businesses, to support her fellow entrepreneurs in the region and help the local economy thrive. 

We were suspicious that all this sounded a little too good to be true, so we caught up with Sam to find out whether there was some hidden ‘catch’ to working with Talentheads… 

(Spoiler alert – there isn’t). 

What’s Talentheads all about? 

We’re all about supporting growing businesses by helping them to recruit for the long term. We’re here to work shoulder to shoulder with North East and Yorkshire businesses to attract, engage and then retain top talent – on behalf of their brand and as a part of their internal team.


Talentheads pride yourselves on helping businesses ‘say goodbye to the stereotype’ of recruiting. What are the benefits of hiring staff via Talentheads, rather than through a traditional recruitment company? 

The hardest part of owning a recruitment business is the association with that traditional ‘recruitment agency’ reputation. Myself and my team have all worked in-house in prestigious, reputable, multi-site businesses and we’ve replicated what we offered strategically for them now for our Talentheads clients.

The benefits are that we become fully accountable and responsible for the recruitment in those businesses we work with and we provide the resources to focus purely on bringing the right people into those businesses, in order to help them grow.

How do you make sure you get to know a company well enough to recruit for them?

We go in there – as their team – and we work onsite. We are their brand, with their values, culture and ethos, and we use that to attract, assess, select and onboard individuals as the Talent & Resourcing team for that business.


You have a no placement fees policy. Why is that? 

We believe placement fees make it about money – what we’re aiming for is results. It doesn’t matter if there is one role or 100 roles to recruit for, if it’s a talent and resourcing project – or a strategic piece of work – our partners only pay for the amount of time and days they need from us. How we use those days is completely up to that specific business.

So how does the Talentheads recruitment process work? 

It’s all in collaboration – with Talentheads responsible for leading, designing and facilitating. Typically, we conduct all the research and ensure everything is ready to go and then we will guide the business through the full recruitment process. We will advise, design and release roles to the market, engage proactively with talent and manage the full hiring manager and candidate journey as the brand of the business 

We can design assessment centres, sit in on interviews or simply create the interview material for the business. It’s up to our clients and we agree every step together. If it’s a strategic project – such as creating a recruitment strategy for the following year, exploring employer brand, conducting competitor analysis or designing and conducting talent training – Talentheads take responsibility for each stage of project, working extremely closely with the business owner and/or senior stakeholders.

What inspired you to start Talentheads? 

I always felt like I was an entrepreneur. I like to take responsibility and I like to be in control of my own destiny. I knew my previous experience had set me up well; as the Head of Talent Acquisition, I had seen mergers and acquisitions, had supported businesses to grow and participated in businesses pivoting, starting up and scaling up. I wanted to offer that to more clients, and I wanted to do that for businesses in a region I am extremely proud to be from.

I’m driven by the desire to make my children and family proud, and I want to do something which supports others. Supporting businesses to grow while helping individuals looking for work provides me with the opportunity to really fulfil my purpose.


You say you help businesses with long-term talent strategy, rather than short-term space filling. How may Talentheads involvement help with a company’s staff retention? 

We look to put processes, initiatives, structures and plans in place which will last and which are owned by the business. We recruit with the long-term vision, culture, values and ethos of the business in mind, while managing candidate expectations to provide a real and tangible experience for them as they apply for a role. This will ensure we get the right person who will stay and are onboard for the longer term.


We’ve heard you also educate a company’s in-house team to help them hire well again next time they’re recruiting. Can you tell us a little more about how you do this? 

We use our vast experience to train internal teams on how to stay ahead when recruiting. We usually do this by leading the way. We will go in and listen to the hiring manager’s feedback and opinions on their existing recruitment process. We also take sample feedback from previous candidates. We then make recommendations on systems, processes, templates and initiatives which will support the recruitment service to move forward and, ultimately, recruit and retain more individuals for their business. It’s been known for us to travel the country to deliver training to internal recruitment teams and hiring managers.


Why is creating bespoke product packages for your clients the most effective way for Talentheads to operate? 

Every business is different, so one size doesn’t fit all. We want to add value and that can only be done with listening, understanding and then creating a bespoke package of support.


Without giving away too many of your trade secrets, what’s the key to a successful hire? 

Honesty. People want to know the reality of working for a business and not everyone is looking for a large, international, all-bells-and-whistles company. It’s about using your USP to attract those who have similar values and aspirations. Don’t try to be anyone else other than you. Know who you are as a business and shout about it – that way, people will come for the right reasons, will know what to expect and will stick around.


What do you wish more people knew about working with Talentheads? 

That we’re not a recruitment agency! We are an internal, in-house recruitment team and that we partner with businesses to help them grow.

Do you think Talentheads could help your business to grow? Find out how you can work with Sam and her team to find the right talent for your brand by visiting their website, Facebook or Instagram 

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