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Meet Finch Salon – the sustainable Whitley Bay hair salon cutting down on its environmental impact

Finch share their secrets on how to make our beauty routine more eco-friendly – and the sustainable beauty products we should be buying.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 25.01.2022

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As we go about our everyday beauty routines, we have to admit that it’s very rare we take the time to step back and think about the impact each of our beauty products are actually having on the environment.

From plastic bottles of shampoo and what ingredients are in our hair products to even the type of towels we use, it’s crazy to think how just a few simple swaps can help save our planet.

This is exactly what Finch are all about. We caught up with this hair salon’s owner, Amy, to find out what actually is a ‘sustainable salon’, how we can trim down our carbon footprint, and what eco-friendly beauty brands we should be buying from…

Meet Finch.

It’s safe to say that being at the hairdressers can be quite an awkward experience, especially when staring at ourselves in the mirror whilst looking like a drowned rat in a room full of strangers. This is why it’s always best to find a salon where we feel comfortable, right?

Inside this eco-friendly, gender-neutral and inclusive salon, you’ll find just that. ‘When you walk through the door, there’s no judgement and no pressure to be or act a certain way,’ says Amy. ‘The focus is solely on the services we provide and how we can provide them in a way that’s helping towards the longevity of our planet. Your hair cuttings could be helping clean up an oil spill, or the foil from your highlights could be recycled to raise money for charity.’

So, what actually is a sustainable hair salon?

‘We’re sustainable because of the choices we make regarding the things we do and have in the salon and the brands we work with,’ Amy explains. ‘When designing the salon, we tried to keep to natural materials, sourced locally, and all works were carried out by me, my girlfriend and her family.

‘We changed energy providers to ones which suited our ethos, changed to LED lightbulbs and reused old furniture and materials we found within the building. It’s not easy to be fully eco-friendly within our industry, as a lot of our tools and equipment are still made from plastic, but we’ve made the swaps where possible.’

Finch also work with brands that have the same ethos as them. The salon uses the retail and colour brand Kevin Murphy, who are cruelty-free, vegan and use naturally derived ingredients as well as using recyclable packaging. Plus, Finch plans to switch to shampoo bars from a small, local business to reduce their plastic usage further.

Amy has decided to ditch receipts, price lists and record cards to become a paperless salon. The salon only has one main price list, printed on recycled paper and hanging in their window, which they encourage customers to take a picture of. All other important info is all available on their social media and website.

All Finch’s waste is taken care of by the Green Salon Collective. The salon makes sure to use eco towels that are biodegradable and replace the need for having a washer or dryer, reducing their water and energy consumption. They also use who gives a crap toilet paper and tissues, who donate 50% of their profits to building toilets that are carbon neutral.

3 easy ways to make your business sustainable

  1. Research and just focus on small steps. Everyone doing one thing is better than one person trying to do everything.
  2. See what other people are doing and use them for inspiration. Instagram and social media are great places to start following like-minded people or companies and gain further knowledge.
  3. If you own or work in a salon, join the Green Salon Collective – who will recycle all your waste. From using hair to clean up oil spills and generating clean energy using discarded PPE, to even composting salon towels, they do all the hard work for you.

How to have a more sustainable beauty routine

  • Spend time doing research and finding brands that meet your ethics.
  • Swap to local, small businesses that eliminate packaging and the use of large delivery companies.
  • Minimise your plastic use or make a conscious effort to save up your empties and dispose of them properly through terracycling.

Finch Loves

Who Gives A Crap - 100% Recycled Toilet Paper (24 rolls) - £24.00

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Kevin Murphy Store - Smooth.Again - £33.00

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Kevin Murphy Store - Hydrate.Me.Wash - £24.00

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Kevin Murphy Store - Hydrate.Me.Rinse - £25.00

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Buy The Kilo - Eco-Leaf by Suma Liquid Hand Soap - £0.45

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Ocean Saver - The Everything Bundle - £56.39 (was £70.49)

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Zenoté - Conditioning Shampoo Bar - £8.50

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Pro Styling – ECOHEADS - The Showerhead - £128.50

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If you’re wanting your hair cut at a salon that’ll make a difference that’s bigger than just your hairstyle, book your appointment today by visiting Finch’s website.


For some style inspiration and to keep up with their sustainable journey, follow Finch on Facebookand Instagram


Finch, 24 Station Road, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear NE26 2RD

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