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Discover LitterArty’s How to Home – everything you need to redesign your home, in a box delivered to your door ­for only £495

From bedroom design to home essentials, how to declutter to the best bargains buys, local design studio LitterArty has got our backs with its new sister service.

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 14.02.2022


When we first heard that local design studio LitterArty were trying to fit interior designers into a mail-order box, we were sceptical. But it turns out they’re delivering all the same expertise, personal insight, quality and in-the-know discounts to our doors in one quick, easy and affordable swoop…



In a nutshell? How to Home is stylish living made simple.

A convenient, personalised, top-quality yet affordable interior design service, How to Home offers everything you could ever need to redesign your home on a room-by-room basis in a box delivered to your door ­– all for only £495.

‘An interior designer in a box really sums it up!’ says Ruth. ‘You’re getting a totally bespoke room design with lots of advice, tips, samples and even some access to trade discounts.

‘Essentially, How to Home customers are getting my time and a personally designed interior concept for their chosen room, all delivered in a box to their door. No fuss, no hassle and at a fraction of the cost.’

The only real difference with LitterArty’s other packages – or, indeed, any other interior designer packages out there – is face-to-face consultation time, which isn’t included in the How to Home package. That being said, Ruth will follow up with you over email after you’ve received your package to make sure everything makes sense, to answer any questions you may have and to place any orders for you that require direct trader ordering. So, the package certainly doesn’t lack any attention to detail – all given by Ruth herself – with the designer always there to provide help wherever and whenever it’s needed.


If you’re wanting the long answer, we’ll refer you to our interview with Ruth, where we got the low-down about this local, female-led interior design studio.

But in short, LitterArty is all about helping us give our interiors integrity. Interior designer and stylist Ruth – who has also worked in fashion and art curation – recognises that we’re all deeply affected by our environment; bright colours can boost our moods, fragrances can transport us back in time, and space can inspire. LitterArty was born out of a need to help more of us create beautiful, personality-filled interiors, but with real backbone – with a deeper purpose.

Trend-driven décor costs us time, money and patience. The results, however aesthetically pleasing, will ultimately fall short of our expectations because they’re just not us. But it’s easier for some of us to visualise the potential of what a space can look like with a little TLC than it is for others – which is where LitterArty comes in.

Particularly skilled in colour concept and spatial planning, LitterArty offers us the opportunity to really think outside the box to get creative with the spaces we have and make the most of them. And whether you have a natural eye for design and are always scrolling through Pinterest picking out your favourite interior combos or you’re not even sure what a ‘tertiary colour’ is, LitterArty has got your back. Be it simply sprucing up a single room or renovating your whole house, Ruth and her team are on hand to share their expert tips, inspiration and guidance and help you bring your dream interior to life.

‘We’ve got a no-nonsense approach!’ Ruth explains. ‘We deliver interior design that’s honest and coherent, and we work hard to bring harmony to every space. At our core is a focus on wellbeing and psychology, which is informed by constant research and a wealth of personal experience.

‘Great design that brings positivity to the everyday and also works on a practical level is something that should be accessible to everyone. We want to create spaces that people love and enjoy spending time in. LitterArty exists to democratise interior design so that everyone can feel happy and fulfilled in their surroundings.’


‘How to Home is for everyone, especially for design enthusiasts with an interest in interiors – those who want to get involved to make their house a home, but who may lack the confidence, time or know-how to pull it all together,’ says Ruth. ‘That’s where How to Home comes in; it’s an interactive reference point that will help you make your ideal interior a reality.’

In short, for anyone who wants the expertise, guidance and personal touches of an interior designer, but without any daunting confrontation or the hefty price tag. How to Home is for those of us who want a fast track to interiors happiness, while still being able to take the reins.

‘Too often the interior design world is seen as elitist and non-inclusive,’ Ruth continues. ‘But How to Home is all about accessibility. It’s designed to be used at your own pace too, which is key. Working on projects with traditional interior designers means that everything needs to be done within a rigid timescale – which can cause a lot of expenditure in a short period.

‘In reality, many of our rooms have to be redesigned in stages. We can’t always afford to replace all our furnishings in one go. Clients of How to Home can use the design and shopping list as a guide to revisit as and when they want – and, crucially, when they can.’


In four quick, super-simple steps…

Step 1: Choose your room

Quick and easy. Simply visit the How to Home website, click on ‘Pick your room’ and then select the room you’d like designed. You’re now on your way to starting your How to Home interior design process.

Step 2: Style Questionnaire

You’ll be prompted to complete a simple style questionnaire. This is where you provide details on your chosen room, including property type, measurements, and some indicators of style preferences. There is also space to provide any other information you feel necessary to help Ruth and the team create your ideal interior concept.

Once this form has been submitted and your How to Home order has been placed, LitterArty will send you a welcome email along with a request for photographs of the space.

Step 3: Designing your concept

Or, in other words, let LitterArty work its magic.

Based on your style questionnaire answers and photos, the team will get to work on designing your dream interior concept.
With their Premium package this involves creating your bespoke Design Concept Booklet, which includes: a floorplan, spatial layout, colour concept, mood-board and a shopping list, along with plenty of advice and inspiration. Your shopping list also includes some great discount codes and offers to help you bring your design to life.

Step 4: Receiving your How to Home box

Your bespoke How to Home box will arrive by post. It comes complete with samples from some of LitterArty’s favourite suppliers and a full shopping list with some great discount codes.

It’s then your turn to have some fun – use the samples, shopping list and design concept at your own pace to implement your new room interior scheme.

You’ll also receive a digital copy of your booklet (with links to make shopping from your list even easier), and a password to access the HowTo members-only area, full of informative and handy HowTo’s to help with your project.


As if the expert guidance you get with How to Home didn’t offer value for money enough – £495 is a steal, guys – then the trade discounts you get exclusive access to definitely will.

In fact, many LitterArty customers will make back the How to Home package fee purely from the discounts they provide – and then some! Now, that’s what we call an incredible deal.

How can LitterArty afford it? It all comes down to their relationships. Ruth and the gang have established fantastic working relationships with a whole host of interiors brands who, in return for their recommendations, provide LitterArty and How to Home customers with cracking discounts.

So, in a nutshell, you’re getting the expert eye and know-how of some of the best in the interiors business and reduced prices on some of the most sought-after products around. Canny, eh?


The secrets of why the How to Home package can be successful are simple. We’re getting a personable, personalised service from an interiors expert, who will think outside the box to help us achieve creative solutions to fit any space. We also get exclusive trade discounts to help make our dream interiors affordable as well as imaginable. More than this, we’re getting a fast-track to expert knowledge – meaning we can apply what we learn from one room to any other interiors in our home.

But what’s the secret to making sure we, as customers, really capitalise on all that we receive with How to Home?

‘I would say, the customer should make the most of the Handy HowTo’s, read all the guidance and take their time,’ Ruth suggests. ‘It’s up to them how they interpret the design concept and how and when they implement it. Also, use any discount codes provided – you’ll likely make the money you’ve paid back!’


To find out more about LitterArty’s How to Home service and to get your box, visit their website. And to indulge your fascination with only the most creative interior design concepts, follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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