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HLN meets… Angellica Bell

We spoke with BBC’s The One Show, The Martin Lewis Money Show and former CBBC TV presenter Angellica about why she’s backing local institution Barbour’s new campaign.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 17.03.2022

We all have that favourite jacket that we just wish would last forever. But we all know that if we invest in a Barbour wax jacket, it could last you a lifetime.

Barbour, which was established in South Shields in 1894, has always been committed to longevity with their classic wax jackets. Last year they celebrated 100 years of their Repair & Rewaxing service, which has helped customers extend the life of their beloved jackets for over a century.

The Repairs & Re-Waxing service was established in 1921 by Malcolm Barbour, the 2nd generation of the family and ever since then his vision has been passed down through generations of the Barbour family ensuring Barbour’s ongoing commitment, to minimise its impact on the environment for future generations.

But what is the Wax for Life service? Well, after being introduced in 1921, Barbour invites customers to send their wax jackets back to be re-waxed, thus ensuring that they continue to offer the best in protection and weather resistance. Plus, Barbour also runs their Re-Loved upcycle programme, whereby customers can return Barbour wax jackets that they no longer have a use for to be re-waxed, repaired and restored, giving them a new lease of life to be re-loved in a new home.

The Barbour wax jacket holds a different meaning to everyone. For some, it’s a unique hand-me-down, while for others a rainy festival friend. But whatever your Barbour means to you, it’s how you wear it that makes it your own. From farmers to rock stars and royalty, a Barbour jacket is a timeless staple to have in your wardrobe.

Which is why TV presenter Angellica Bell – best known for presenting on CBBC and BBC’s The One Show – jumped at the chance to be a part of the Barbour Way of Life campaign.

We caught up with Angellica to find out how Barbour has always been part of her life, how she enjoyed her visit to South Shields, and what she loves most about the North East…

Why did you want to work with Barbour on this campaign?

Ever since I was young, I was aware of Barbour and it was always a personal goal to own my own jacket. Where I grew up, there were brands that people aspired to wear and be seen in and, for me, one of them was Barbour. Barbour jackets are always seen as ‘cool’ and epitomised quality and aspiration.

Once I started earning money, there were certain pieces I wanted to buy myself to acknowledge the hard work I’d put in to get to that stage of my life. And yes, I finally bought the jacket I’d always wanted! I still have it. It’s about quality over quantity for me. It always has been. So, to work with Barbour is an honour, especially as they’re a British brand based in the North East of England and, most importantly, have always believed in making garments that last.



The Barbour Way of Life is all about indulging family and friends, relaxing and spending time outdoors. How do you enjoy a Barbour Way of Life?

My Barbour and I have been everywhere and that’s what I love. You can go on adventures and it fits into whatever I’m doing. My wax jacket has been on many trips with my family and I across the UK, but a special place that feels so true to the Barbour Way of Life is Richmond Park. It’s open, full of woodland and there’s wonderful nature – the deer are beautiful. It’s such a calm place, a great place to unwind, think, walk, whether you’re alone or with family or friends. You don’t feel like you’re in the capital city, more like the countryside where you can escape. I will always have fond memories of that park forever.

How does it feel to be part of this campaign?

I’ve worked with Barbour for a while now and have visited their headquarters in South Shields. One thing that really struck me while I was there was this tangible sense of community. The employees care just as much about the brand as the family who has run it for generations. The core values of the company run through the veins of everyone. Having pride in your work and commitment to quality has meant Barbour has survived for this long. The Royal Warrants speak for themselves.



If your Barbour jacket could talk, what stories would it tell?

It would probably thank me for being adventurous, resilient and for taking a risk. I like to push myself so often – I find myself walking further or climbing higher than I expected when I first headed out, only for me to realise that I must get back to a starting point. Maybe it would tell me off for getting it muddy or not hanging it up sometimes. But ultimately, it would be chuffed to bits for me for always remembering to chuck it in the back of the car before heading off on another staycation… no one likes to be left out.

What would we typically find in the pockets of your Barbour jacket?

I like to lead an active life. I just like to keep busy and rarely sit down to take a breath. I guess I’m used to juggling different aspects of my life, but I also believe it’s so important to spend time outdoors and take some time out. The best thing about my Barbour is that it encapsulates that lifestyle for me. I also like to be free and not carry too much when I’m strolling or on a trek, so the deep pockets are a design highlight. I can just pick it up and stuff it full in all the nooks and crannies with the stuff I need. Whether it’s wipes, sweets, chocolate, my lip balm (essential), the obligatory phone and my wallet.



What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is so important to me and, although it’s a complex concept in this context, it’s about looking to reuse what we have and not waste resources. I care about the planet and what the world will be like when my grandchildren will be alive, so I think about the small things I can do to make a difference. Maybe this links back to why I work with Barbour. They have encouraged their customers for over 100 years to extend the life of their jackets by using the re-waxing and repair service. I love that. Plus, I also believe clothes tell a story about life too. That’s why my jacket is still with me.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

I’ve always been interested in the fashion I like. I’ve never been a follower of fashion, per se. Probably because, growing up, things were tight, so you got used to not having what everyone else has. My style changes from day to day. So, one day I may be in trainers, the next day dressed up for TV, or another day in a jumpsuit. But I love how people can express themselves through clothes and make a statement – whether it be in garments over 30 years old or bought last week. I still wear the trainers I wore on CBBC.



What do you love the most about the North East?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the North East and I absolutely love it – the people, the vibe and the banter. I’ve ran the Great North Run seven times now and have had many a great night out up in the area. I’ve interviewed Sting and Jimmy Nail on the Quayside, filmed with the Durham Miners Brass Band at Redhills and visited the Lumiere Festival and food festivals up there, too. The list could go on. But my best connection has to be working with Andrew Hayden-Smith on CBBC for many years, (he used to be in Byker Grove). I love him to bits!



For more information about Barbour Wax for Life programme, visit Barbour’s website, Instagram and Facebook.

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