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Pretty in pink: Stonebridge Interiors show us how to get the pink bathroom trend in our own homes

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The 1950s iconic trend is having a comeback. That’s why we caught up with Ponteland’s luxury bathroom designers for some pink bathroom ideas.

Bathrooms are a place of sanctuary, where we can lock the door, soak in a hot bubble bath with a good book and wash the stresses in our lives away.

But this precious ‘me’ time can be so much more relaxing when we have a perfect bathroom that we’re proud of, right?

Adding a splash of colour to your bathroom is a perfect way to brighten and spruce up the space. For the last decade, white bathrooms have been all the rage, but now the iconic 1950s pink bathrooms are making a comeback and we’re sohere for it.

Recently we’re seeing pink furniture and ceramics appearing in every showroom and we’re very excited about it. From pink basins and furniture to pink painted baths, there are plenty of styles and designs to choose from to get this trend at home. Whatever pink bathroom ideas you go for, this colour brings energy, playfulness and elegance into the room.

But how do we know where to start? Luxury bathroom designers Stonebridge Interiors are here to our rescue. Whatever your style or size of bathroom, all of Stonebridge’s luxury bathroom partners have been carefully selected to ensure you get the highest quality materials, attention to detail and unquestionable customer support. So, we can guarantee you’ll get your dream bathroom that’ll give you those at-the-spa vibes at home.

Stonebridge is always one step ahead when it comes to staying up to date with the latest bathroom trends with pink bathrooms on display since 2020. That’s why we went to Stonebridge Interiors’ stunning showroom in Ponteland to meet showroom manager Helen to find out how we can get this pink bathroom trend in our own homes.

What do you love about this trend?

I think it’s bright, cheerful and very pretty. Previously a daunting colour choice for interiors with ghastly connotations, more recently pink has become such a part of our interior landscape. Some might say it has become a modern classic. It has the ability to be elegant, sumptuous and romantic alongside being fresh, edgy and urban – think farrow and ball sulking room pink or setting plaster. We’ve also seen people being bolder with what they choose. They don’t stop at pink furniture; we have a lovely fluted glass basin which looks amazing in pink and people are really loving it.

Introducing pink into your bathroom scheme is quite exciting. From painted baths to vibrant furniture, pearly brassware and our love of unusual tiles, it’s a fun way to add a pop of colour and bring your bathroom to life. In our showroom, we are already seeing a large demand for pink bathroom furniture, and tiles to match too.

Where should we start when wanting a pink bathroom?

I would start by making sure to pick the right shade of pink and not overdo it. I’d stay away from the likes of Barbie pink and hot pink as it might look too much. Softer pinks work the best in bathrooms, you want to be able to relax and not feel like you’re in a paint factory explosion. Don’t go overboard with the pink either, we’d suggest maybe a pink recess tile, pink furniture and even pink towels.

What colours compliment pink?

Neutrals and golds are always a staple for pink. Ambiance Bain, who are one of our selected brands, have a gorgeous pink called ‘pompadour’ which actually has a really nice element of masculinity to it, especially when pairing it with Coalbrook’s Decca Brushed Brass taps and shower fittings. The handles in this range are Knurled, and getting that precise engineering in your bathroom helps to balance what could be quite a ‘girly’ room. Another colourway we find works well is silver and polished nickel. Swadling Brassware do such a gentle polished nickel with a Mother of Pearl insert and when the light catches that insert, you see elements of pink within it. It pairs perfectly.

Are pink sinks and baths harder to maintain and will the colour fade over time?

No, they are exactly the same as white, we’ve moved on from the 1950’s technology in that respect. They have a glaze over the colour to protect them. But that doesn’t mean we can abuse them with harsh products. Matt furniture for example, if you get a mark on it and you rub too hard with a cleaning product with a high pH balance it can take the finishing off. We recommend using warm water with some Fairy Liquid or something similar to avoid any damage.

What’s your top tip for getting this trend at home?

It’s all about having a pink bathroom that’s not overbearing, it’s your bathroom, not Ken and Barbies! With this trend, less is more. Staying subtle, choosing complimenting tones and getting the right lighting can be a huge game changer too. Cool white is going to completely change the feel and tone of your bathroom.

How do we know if a pink bathroom is right for us?

You’ve got to live with this for at least 20 years, a trend will last months at the most. Most people do not have the ability or the want to change the bathroom that often because it’s actually quite invasive process, potentially having minimal facilities for a few weeks. So, before you commit just think if you’re going to still like this in years to come.

If you want to book a consultation to get the bathroom of your dreams, visit Stonebridge Interiors’ website.

For more bathroom inspiration and ideas, follow Stonebridge’s Instagram account and like their Facebook page.

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