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February’s walk of the month: Northumberlandia

If getting up close with another woman is your idea of a Valentine’s done right, then let us introduce you to the Lady of the North.

Written by Becky Hardy
Published 04.02.2023

Distance: 2.4km (1.5 miles)

Elevation: 53m

Time: 30 mins – 1 hour



The trailhead for this walk can be found at the Northumberlandia car park on Blagdon Lane.


A beautiful woman reclined, in the buff, is many people’s dream Valentine – which is why a walk round Northumberlandia is the perfect outdoor jaunt for February.

Situated within a 46-acre community park, ‘the Lady of the North’ is an interactive art piece: four miles of footpaths sprawling across a landform in the shape of a woman, where walkers can walk up to her head, along her arms and… well, on other areas of her body, too.

Carved into the hillside at 100ft tall and a quarter of a mile long, this intricate, larger-than-life creation is a sight to behold. Hugely popular with families and tourists alike, Northumberlandia offers ease, fresh air and a unique attraction for walkers of all abilities looking to stretch their legs.

HLN Hint: There’s no entrance fee for the park, making it ideal for a free family adventure. Saying that, it also means it’s popular – so arrive early to ensure you nab a car parking space.


Setting out from the car park, follow the trail north as it leads into the dense cover of the Moor Plantation and past the Northumberlandia Visitor Centre.

You’ll arrive at a fork in the path; keep straight to reach the first viewpoint along the route that offers a stunning view of the Lady of the North’s face.

From that viewpoint, walk north-east and make your way between the bodies of water, keeping left to make your way up the head of the lady towards the highest point of the sculpture. Here, you will enjoy sweeping views of the entirety of the piece and the surrounding landscape.

After taking in those views, backtrack along the trail and pass between the ponds, keeping left now to loop around the outside of the park. There are other paths that head back towards the sculpture that you can explore at your leisure, but the trail to the left will allow you to skirt around the edges of the sculpture to view the Lady of the North from all angles.

Once you’ve completed the entire loop, turn right along the trail and follow it back through the Moor Plantation on the return leg back to the car park.



For more information about the Northumberlandia walk, or for more walking inspo across Northumberland, visit the 10 Adventures’ website

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