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30 biggest icks that will make you question your relationship

Long and dirty fingernails, a baby voice and clapping when the plane lands, are just a few irrational turn-offs on the list.

Written by High Life North
Published 11.02.2023

A recent poll found that 42% of British adults have ended a relationship because of getting the ick.

But what does ‘ick’ mean? Well, the ‘ick’ is when something specific suddenly stops your attraction to someone, usually because of something small or specific.

We’re talking about those small, irritating things your partner does that you feel yourself cringing at inside, whether that be chewing with their mouth open, saying ‘ahh’ after sipping on a cuppa or even just heavy breathing in general.

We’ve rounded a list of some of our biggest and funniest icks.

Disclaimer: Here at HLN we do all love our partners really, flaws, icks and all.


30 things that give us the “ick”

1. Smelling bad

2. Being overbearing and rude

3. Smiling with food in their teeth

4. Running up the stairs on all fours

5. Having bad teeth

6. Living in a mess

7. Clapping when an airplane lands

8. Chewing with their mouth open

9. Being too clingy

10. Saying ‘ahh’ after sipping a cuppa

11. Having a hairy bum

12. Pretending to be more knowledgeable about something than they actually are

13. Biting a fork when eating

14. Singing the wrong song lyrics

15. When they text ‘hehe’ instead of ‘haha’

16. Running for the bus whilst wearing a backpack

17. Having long and dirty fingernails

18. Eating and talking at the same time

19. Putting on a baby voice

20. Wearing socks to bed


21. Breathing heavily and snoring

22. Dirty shoes

23. Wearing bad jeans

24. Taking longer than you to get ready

25. Having too many shirt buttons undone

26. Living at home with parents

27. Not wearing socks with shoes

28. Wanting to share food on the first date

29. Not paying on the first date

30. Wearing creased clothes


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