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The list that motivates you to leap out of bed in the morning

Move over vision boards. The 101 list is the new technique to help you shape the life of your dreams.

Written by High Life North
Published 21.02.2023

By Charlie Grabham

Ever since I started this project I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

I have paced my house writing things down, collating lists and bookmarking stuff. I have taken my phone out twenty times in five minutes to write more things down.

I am paying attention to things I hardly noticed before.

So what is it?

After listening to five minutes of a podcast in early January about making a ‘bucket’ list of 100 things to do that would make your life richer, I wrote my list and immediately emailed Laura to pitch her an idea…

‘What if we wrote our lists and then covered our successes and struggles of trying to achieve them in High Life North?

‘And what if we could help your readers to make their owns lists and build a community to help each other achieve them?’

She loved it… and so, The 101 Club was born.



A community

Writing our lists has really helped us to define what we’d like out of life. More than the obvious and practical. What fun things do we want to do? What would make us genuinely happy?

The exercise alone helped us to get outside our everyday life and really think about what we want to experience in our lives.

We want to build a community of women who write their lists, and help each other achieve them – nothing is too big or too wild.


The lists

Our lists

  • We are going to publicly publish our lists (scary, intimate and ridiculous in places)!
  • If there is anything on those lists that you think ‘I’ve always wanted to do that’- email or DM us on Instagram and we will see how we can make it happen. Please do not be shy, we want to help as many people as possible to tick things off their list.
  • If you think you can help us with anything on our lists- please get in touch! What is hard for us to pull off might be easy for you (and vice versa).

Your lists

  • Download The 101 Club list and write your list! It doesn’t matter if there is one thing or 1000 things on there.
  • Share one or 101 things with us and if we can help you, we will. We have an amazing network of readers and you never know, you might meet an adventure buddy or a business partner- who knows where this will lead…
  • We will share your success! We want to interview people who have done things on their list or helped others- to inspire more of you to do the same.

The podcast

We are launching our brand-new podcast in March, which will explain how we ended up here, how the lists have changed our lives, and document the struggles and successes of achieving our goals.

We’ll also be interviewing other people who have implemented this technique and changed their lives – and the lives of others – as a result.

Five minutes and one email were literally all it took to change the direction of our lives – just imagine where this can take us.

Here’s to the adventure!


Download your list and start planning

Follow @the_101_club on Instagram, TikTok and join our Facebook group.

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