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How a girls’ junior school could transform your daughter’s future

Newcastle High School for Girls reveals how their all-girls learning environment allows your daughter to excel and learn without limits.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 09.05.2023

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Time spent at junior school is more important than we first realise.

Whether it be that favourite teacher who’ll spark her passion or a school trip where she’ll discover her dream job, at a such young age these special moments are what create the foundation for your daughter’s future.

So, it’s important to pick your daughter’s junior school right. But have you ever thought about a Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) junior school?

An all-girls environment has been proven to help more girls step out of their comfort zones to reach their full potential. Multiple findings from a recent research report show that GDST junior school girls are significantly more confident than their non-GDST peers.

Not held back by gender stereotypes, or the pressures of conformity felt in mixed-sex classrooms, girls at a GDST junior school are more likely to contribute to class discussions and achieve their goals.

One of the 25 schools in the GDST, and the only one based in North East, Newcastle High School for Girls (NHSG) has around 150 years of experience educating junior school girls from the ages of 3 to 18 years old. And set in five acres of beautiful leafy grounds, its Junior School has everything your daughter needs to excel and learn without limits.

NHSG recognises every pupil’s potential and will unlock this by supporting, nurturing and challenging your daughter to be herself through their outstanding pastoral care, dynamic first-class outdoor and indoor facilities, innovation and a trailblazing spirit.

We asked an NHSG Junior School parent to share their experience: ‘Our daughter transformed from a quiet, and quite shy little girl, into an incredibly self-confident child, willing to take on anything. She’s not afraid to put herself out there, speak in public or engage with people she had never met of any age and in whatever context. It was remarkable to watch.’


In the stereotypical world that we still live in, NHSG aims to break down barriers to careers previously seen as ‘traditionally male’. From the moment she walks through the doors, your daughter will know there are no limited options and that she can take the lead. The expert team in the Junior School implement a playful STEM curriculum featuring school trips such as to construction sites for inspiration to experience hands-on learning as well as exposing the girls to the exciting careers that different STEM sectors can offer.

It’s all about planting the seeds in the girls’ minds from the earliest of ages that these roles are completely within their grasp. It’s worth noting that a higher proportion of girls attending single-sex schools go on to study what can often still be thought of as ‘masculine’ subjects such as Physics, Maths and Computing.

So, it’s no wonder that a recent survey showed GDST junior school girls are 20% more likely than their non-GDST peers to believe women’s equality is an important issue. And only 6% of GDST girls aged 9 say they avoid some activities because of their gender, compared to 37% of 9-year-old girls and 31% of boys in the national samples in the survey.


We all want the best start for our daughters and Newcastle High School for Girls Junior School knows how important these early years are. NHSG believe that offering specialist teaching from as early an age as possible will ensure all girls will reach their full potential. That’s why the curriculum here stretches beyond national requirements with both class teachers and subject specialists there to challenge your daughter to reach her learning capacity from day one.

Although Literacy and Numeracy are at the Junior School curriculum’s core, your daughter will experience her own personal education journey which will include teaching from NHSG Senior School subject specialists for Science, Languages, PE and Music and girls from Year 3 also spend a morning each week making use of the extended Senior School facilities and resources It’s these aspects of an NHSG junior school education that also set it apart from other school options.


It’s safe to say that, although progress is being made, there’s still a lack of women in leadership roles in the world. But at NHSG Junior School, the dedicated teachers encourage their pupils to grow in self-confidence and self-esteem through their school leadership programme. Through this, your daughter can be an ambassador for her school and will have the opportunity to take up a role that allows her to follow a passion and help her to be a good citizen and support others. The girls can get involved in leading projects themed around three strands: sustainability, inclusivity and diversity and charity. The School’s vision is to empower girls to be leaders, trailblazers and world-shapers and the work starts even from age three!

And the proof is in the pudding as recent research shows that GDST’s junior school pupils aged 9 are as confident as boys when it comes to taking risks, both at 69%, compared to less than 50% of non-GDST girls. Plus, they are also more comfortable talking to people with different views to their own at 80%, above boys at 73% and significantly higher than non-GDST girls at 48%.


We all want our daughters to have the opportunity to discover their own passions and interests and follow their own path towards their dream job and from day one at NHSG Junior School your daughter will start her own personal education journey, with a curriculum designed to both inspire and develop her to confidently take risks, master academic skills and challenge herself to reach high. Coupled with this, her class teacher will know her for who she is, and who she can be, and will provide support and stretch in equal measure.

Newcastle High School for Girls are proud to be part of the GDST whose schools are known for their academic excellence and developing character beyond the curriculum. The success of the GDST lies in the fact that they focus not only on what is learned but also on how it’s learned. As specialists in girls’ education, they tailor their teaching to the way girls learn best. The GDST ensure that their pupils are confident and fearless, determined to show what they can do without letting anything or anyone hold them back.


The Junior School is set within a verdant natural environment providing their youngest pupils with a unique and safe place to learn, play and explore. It really is the perfect environment to learn and grow. Every day is packed full of opportunities thanks to the Junior School’s co-curricular programme which offers a wide range of clubs and activities giving your daughter the chance to learn new skills, broaden her horizons and most importantly have plenty of fun along the way.

Whether your daughter is active and wants to join a sports team, loves to be creative and fancies dancing, singing or playing instruments, or wants to challenge herself by learning to code, play chess or campaign for a local charity, the options are endless. Alongside this, NHSG’s impressive school trips programme is in place not only to expand knowledge connected with the curriculum but to broaden the girls’ horizons and to give them a wider understanding of the world around them. Your daughter will get the chance to go on residential UK-based trips from the beginning of Year 3.



According to a recent study, only 5% of GDST junior school pupils feel negative about the future compared to 20% of boys and 35% of non-GDST girls aged 9. And this is down to the dedicated pastoral care team at NHSG Junior School that’s made up of class teachers, phase leaders, pastoral leaders, school nurses and a senior leadership team. The whole team are on hand from Nursery to Year 6 to ensure each day at school is a joyous experience and that school is a safe space where your daughter feels secure, cared for and supported.

Alongside this, your daughter will get plenty of fresh air, exercise and a healthy nutritious diet thanks to NHSG’s catering partner, Holroyd Howe to help with her wellbeing.

It can be a worrying time during your daughter’s transition to Senior School but at Newcastle High School for Girls, we can guarantee your daughter is in safe hands. The transition will be seamless, with the girls not only meeting some of the specialist teachers from a young age and spending regular sessions at Senior School but because NHSG has a curriculum designed as a continuum right the way through from Nursery to Sixth Form – with each stage laying the foundation for the next.

Amanda Hardie, Head of NHSG Junior School says: ‘Every day at NHSG Junior School is a ‘wow’ day. Seeing the passion, collaboration, community and enthusiasm brimming from the classrooms is simply magical.’

NHSG are holding an Open Week in June with specialist Information Mornings for Key Stages 1 and 2 on the 6th and 9th of June.

To find out more about Newcastle High School for Girls and their admissions process, visit their website and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Newcastle High School for Girls, Junior School, Sandyford Park, Sandyford, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1TA

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