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What Scorpio’s full moon lunar eclipse means for you

In the next of her monthly columns, our resident astrologer, Kerry Sweeney, explains why this month could be one filled with change…

Written by High Life North
Published 06.05.2023

By Kerry Sweeney

The Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse arrived on Friday 5th May at 18:34.

Have you been feeling the energies leading up to this powerful, full-moon lunar eclipse? These Scorpio Eclipse energies are emotionally intense and can make us feel exhausted.

Eclipse season is a very powerful time of big change and clearing out anything that is no longer working for you.  As this is the last lunar eclipse in Scorpio, this is a final ending: a final clear out; a time to let go.

Scorpio, ‘The Mystic’ – ruled by Pluto, a planet of deep transformation and change – is showing us that anything that needs to fall away right now, can. Let it fall away!

Pluto stationed retrograde on 1st May and asks us to go within; to look at our shadows and ask ourselves: what do we need to heal from? Pluto brings deep transformation and change, any deep-rooted beliefs we need to let go of, anything that we’ve been hiding, Pluto is bringing these shadows into the light so we can evolve and grow into who we are here to be.

Mercury is now retrograde (from 21st April – 14th May). Mercury in retrograde asks us to review and revisit, to listen to what it is we need to hear right now. Be still and ask the Universe what it is you need to see so you can make that change.

Uranus – the planet of sudden change, liberation and freedom – is opposing this moon, bringing energies to allow us to let go; no gripping, controlling or holding onto what no longer serves us. Uranus asks us to surrender, to trust and to allow any redirection, as this will only put us back onto our path in alignment with our true soul’s purpose.

Happy full moon lunar eclipse!

If you would like to delve deeper into living in alignment with the lunar cycles, Kerry holds monthly moon circles

You can join them by visiting Kerry’s website or by messaging her directly on 07985 339459

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