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How to overcome your fear of the dentist

Phillips & Co Cosmetic Dentistry, Darlington, reveals how dental sedation could help ease anxiety and overcome your dental phobia.

Written by Rachael Nichol
Published 24.06.2023

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If you are anxious about visiting the dentist, don’t worry you’re not alone – 53% of the UK population suffers from anxiety or fear of the dentist.

Dental phobia affects us all in unique ways, from the slight nervousness for an appointment to all-out panic that leads to avoiding going to the dentist, resulting in severe problems in gum disease, tooth loss and mental health.

Visiting the dentist can sometimes feel daunting but at Phillips & Co Cosmetic Dentistry, Darlington, the friendly, approachable team make sure your visit is as enjoyable and relaxed as possible and know how to put anxious patients at ease through anxiety management techniques and a practice designed to offer a calming atmosphere for patients.

This Darlington dentist offers dental sedation, where you actually remain awake, but your anxiety is reduced and your memory becomes slightly fuzzy.

But rest assured, we can guarantee you’re in safe hands as the practice principal dentist, Dr Scott, has been providing sedation for nearly 10 years and is an accredited mentor in sedation with the Royal College of Surgeons alongside Dentist and Facial Aesthetic Practitioner, Megan, and their entire team fully trained in sedation, too.

We caught up with Dr Scott to find out more…

What is dental sedation?

Midazolam is a very safe medical drug that is used for dental sedation. It works on the nervous system to relieve anxiety and reduce the patient’s awareness, while they are still conscious (awake). The sedative is administered first, then the patient will be numbed as normal and the treatment carried out.


How is IV sedation administered?

Intravenous (IV) sedation is administered through a cannula, normally placed in the inner arm or on the back of the hand. The process is not painful, and patients report a pleasant, fuzzy, relaxed feeling as the medication takes effect. The patient’s vitals are monitored throughout treatment and recovery.

What happens in a dental sedation consultation?

During a sedation consultation, we will discuss with the patient their concerns and challenges with dental treatment, and what they are hoping to achieve. We confirm the patient’s medical and dental history. We normally carry out a dental examination, if possible, to plan the treatment to be carried out under sedation. The sedation procedure and aftercare are explained to the patient, and baseline readings like blood pressure are taken.


How will you feel after IV sedation?

After treatment under IV sedation, the patient will be monitored by the team until they have recovered enough to be discharged to their chaperone. The patient usually feels slightly woozy and will often have very little memory of the treatment. We follow up with the patient to check their recovery in the days after treatment.


How much does dental sedation cost?

Sedation costs from £250, with discounts available for complex or multi-stage treatment plans. We accept referrals for treatment with sedation from other dental practices.

We ask Phillips & Co Cosmetic Dentistry patients who have tried dental sedation…

My sedation experience was amazing. I’ve always been nervous about going to the dentist but being able to choose the option of sedation massively helped me, hands down it was the best decision I made. Not only did it put me at ease, but you forget everything. After my first sedation appointment, I opted for it again. Throughout the whole process, Dr Megan was amazing and made me feel comfortable and reassured throughout, she really does go the extra mile.’ – A.S.

‘I found the sedation experience very relaxing, I’m so glad I got it done as I did not feel or remember a thing after having my wisdom tooth removed. I would highly recommend this to anyone undergoing treatment.” – O.K.


To book a consultation or for more advice, visit www.darlingondentistry.co.uk or email: [email protected]

To see Phillips & Co Cosmetic Dentistry work its magic, follow Dr Scott Phillips’ Instagram and the practice’s Instagram.

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