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Why tarot cards are the unsung heroes of the wellness world

In the next of her fortnightly columns, our wellness warrior Hannah Bullimore explores how tarot cards can be used for wellbeing – and discovers the upcoming tarot readings in the North East.

Written by High Life North
Published 14.10.2023

By Hannah Bullimore

Tarot cards have fascinated me for a long time.

I recognise the imagery from the witchy books I loved as a child and, as I’ve grown older, I’ve heard many friends mention how much they enjoy either using tarot cards for themselves or receiving readings.

Last year, I had my first tarot reading with Hayley from Rituals Revived. At the time, I was struggling to find direction and was feeling very lost. The reading helped me to find a focus and let go of some of the patterns and people that were no longer serving me.

Since then, I’ve heard of many more friends either attending readings or using the cards to guide their own introspection. In fact, the cards no longer seem like something marginal but are becoming a wellness tool that many incorporate into their life regularly.

Curious to see if this could be a new facet to my own wellbeing arsenal, I got in touch with Hayley again. When I had met her previously, I was taken with Hayley’s aura. After my reading, I had seen her once more just briefly and she could see my changed energy straight away – I had taken the advice from the cards to let go and move forward and it had done me a world of good.

Now, in a far better place, I was interested to see what the cards would offer me the second time around…



Hayley began by explaining to me that Rituals Revived is an apothecary and botanica – meaning that there’s even more to the business than her wonderful tarot readings.

rituals revived

Why did you start Rituals Revived?

I started the business because I feel that, in modern society, we just aren’t living how we fundamentally should as humans, and that this is one of the root causes of the many mental and physical ill health problems plaguing us today.

I hope to empower my customers and help them to revive the power of ritual in their day to day lives by supplying high quality products for use during mindful moments, as well as offering personalised advice in the form of tarot readings.


tarot cards

When did you first discover tarot cards?

I’ve been working with tarot for over 22 years. I selected my first deck as my 14th birthday gift.

There was a metaphysical shop in Newcastle that I was utterly obsessed with as a teenager. They kept the tarot decks locked behind a glass cabinet, which I think drew me to them even more, as they seemed precious!

The shop had a resident tarot reader who worked from a lovely little nook of the shop filled with candles and a circular antique table. I was enamoured with the concept of it all, although I never booked a reading there; I was too young and shy to ask.

I met that very reader through a friend when I was a little older, he taught me lots. Looking back, I was extremely lucky to have stumbled upon a tutor (this was before the internet really took off), with books on the subject also not being as vast a selection as they are today.

rituals revived

What drew you to reading tarot for others?

Tarot is a vital tool when looking after my own wellbeing. I want other people to feel its benefits, too.

I think, by nature, I’m quite a caring person and I love looking after others, seeing people feel better about a negative situation or gaining some clarity and focus on how to move forward during a difficult time means a lot to me.

I’ve casually read cards for friends and family since I first began reading, but it was the pandemic that really pushed me to pursue tarot reading as a profession. I became annoyed watching people pick tarot up as a trendy lockdown hobby, then quickly charging for readings and offering advice whilst they still knew so little. There are so many ‘witchy’ social media channels popping up all over the place, many of them dishing out some very questionable information.

People seek out tarot readings because they want help. I just felt that it was time to chuck my time and expertise into the ring, in the hope that people receive a reading from a time-served intuitive reader, rather than being charged money to be met by someone reading from generic prompt sheets.

Why do you believe tarot can be good for wellbeing?

The cards are first and foremost a wellbeing tool, without a doubt.

I’m often asked if I can predict the future. No, I cannot. But I do believe that tarot readings bring forth consciousness, giving us a meaningful perspective on the past, whilst offering the opportunity for us to gain some understanding of the present and signal potential possibilities for the future.

I believe there is divine involvement, why the cards have revealed themselves at a particular moment. But I believe more so that the reading had offered the person seeking answers from the cards the chance to unpick their thoughts and feelings, thereby influencing their behaviours and actions.

tarot cards

Walk us through a typical reading?

I typically begin readings by asking my querents why they have come for a reading before I begin pulling cards. Would they like me to create a general spread and see what comes up? Or would they like to tackle very specific topics? This helps me understand what spread I need to use for their reading.

Once we begin, I chat through what everything means, strongly encouraging participation. If querents are happy to engage in conversation about what has been pulled and why, they will definitely gain more from the reading, as I can elaborate on how I interpret the card meanings in relation to how they feel about the situation it represents.

I always ask people if they would like to take photographs after a reading. Keeping a visual record of the whole spread, or even just one particular card, can serve as inspiration moving forward.


If anyone is considering a reading, what advice would you give?

Just give it a try! If you feel tarot isn’t for you, then at least you’ve had the experience. Although you will most likely find that, at the very least, a reading helps you get your thoughts in order.

I’m approachable and I’m happy to chat to anyone who has questions about a reading. My inbox is open and there’s never any obligation to book.

tarot cards

What’s the best way to prepare for a reading?

Have a think about anything you might like to ask the cards before you arrive.

Take a moment to jot down any questions you want to ask if you like – you are absolutely welcome to bring a notebook and record anything you particularly want to remember during the reading, too.

But honestly, just sit, relax and enjoy taking time for yourself. Readings unfold naturally with zero preparation.


While last time I had met with Hayley at Skullen Collective, this time she offered to do an online reading – meaning I would receive a recording of my reading to allow me to listen whenever my busy schedule allowed.

I was interested to see if the experience would feel as valuable as speaking with Hayley in person and, while I would say they were two different experiences, they were both wonderful for different reasons.

Finding time to relax

First of all, Hayley has a very calm demeanour, and this includes a lovely relaxing voice.

She began the reading by reminding me to find some time to listen properly, cosy up under a blanket and perhaps have a warm drink nearby. This really helped me to settle in and make this a wellbeing moment.

I found the reading relaxing like a meditation, but I was also more alert and it led me to some journaling and serious contemplation. I suppose it felt like a meditation practice that was completely tailored and personalised to me.

While the in-person reading allows you to really connect with Hayley and ask questions, I think that as an ongoing wellbeing practice for anyone who prefers the comfort of their own home, the online readings work well as a more relaxing approach. It simply depends on what you’re looking for from each reading.

What I learned

Hayley gave a reading which was general. She sent over the images of my spread and talked through each in person, beginning with the past, where I am now and then looking forward.

The reading was really positive and the cards seemed to align with where I am at this time – this is something which has been consistent with my experience of tarot. Hayley explained that I’ve gone through a period of growth and maturing recently, and issues which were once really concerning to me aren’t any longer.

There were some lessons for me to carry forward too, which I’m going to keep for myself. But I will say that, just as with my last reading, I came away feeling centred, focused and a little surer of what I need to do moving forward.

The takeaway

As Hayley says, you might be drawn to tarot because you have a specific question or concern and this was definitely where I was at last year. This time around, the general guidance to keep on the same track was just what I needed.

My first experience of the in-person reading really helped me through a dark time. This at-home reading felt like a lovely wellbeing treat that helped me to relax and rest at a time where I was tired and very busy. I really do feel that both Hayley’s tarot reading offerings have their place in your wellbeing routine.

I was also excited to learn that Hayley has a range of upcoming events and workshops, more information about which you can find below.


An Introduction to Tarot. Tarot talk & cross stitch event in collaboration with Innocent Bones.

Wednesday, 18th October
7pm – 9pm, Innocent Bones Studio, Boyd Street, Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1AP


Luna Night Market, shopping event – *Plus 30-minute workshop

Sunday, 22nd October

Roker Hotel, Roker Terrace, Roker, Sunderland SR6 9ND
A 30-minute taster session of the popular ‘Learn the Major Arcana’ workshop at the Luna Night Market event.
Price: £10 workshop entry


Tarot Reading

Saturday 28th October

12pm – 5pm, Skullen Collective, 10-12 Akenside Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3XP
Pre-booked audio recordings available for booking on this date.

Price: £30 per reading. £50 for hour-long, in-depth reading.

Tarot Reading

Saturday 11th November

12pm – 5pm, Skullen Collective, 10-12 Akenside Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3XP

Pre-booked audio recordings available for booking on this date.

Price: £30 per reading. £50 for hour-long, in-depth reading.


Tea & Tarot – Learn the Major Arcana Workshop

Sunday 12th November

12pm – 6pm, Skullen Collective, 10-12 Akenside Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3XP
Explore the 22 cards of the Major Arcana whilst sipping herbal tea blends from stunning antique china. This interactive course is perfect for tarot novices but also an opportunity for experienced tarot readers to share thoughts.

Price: £95 (tea and cake included)

Luna Night Market shopping event

Sunday 26th November

5pm – 8pm, Roker Hotel, Roker Terrace, Roker, Sunderland SR6 9ND

Price: Free entry


Tarot Reading

Saturday 2nd December

12pm – 5pm, Skullen Collective, 10-12 Akenside Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3XP

Pre-booked audio recordings available for booking on this date.

Price: £30 per reading. £50 for hour-long, in-depth reading.

For more information about Hayley’s tarot readings, visit the Rituals Revived website

You can also follow the business on Instagram or contact Hayley directly via email

 Rituals Revived, Skullen Collective, 10–12 Akenside Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3XP

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