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  • 23rd Mar 2024
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Dopamine décor – How to get the interior trend at Baltic Shop

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We’re obsessed with the latest interior craze at Baltic Shop – the dopamine décor trend.

Think bold, vibrant hues that instantly uplift your mood and inject energy into your space. And it’s perfect timing with us heading into spring.

Leading the way are Baltic Shop with their curated interior collections from local and independent artists, carefully selected to brighten up your home. From eye-popping wall art to funky furniture pieces, they’ve got it all.

Imagine walking into a room filled with their colourful and bold pieces – it’s an instant mood booster.

And it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that sparks happiness and positivity. That’s the beauty of dopamine décor – it’s all about having the freedom to play around with colours to create a living space that makes you happy.

So, whether you’re revamping your living room or sprucing up your workspace, Baltic Shop has you covered.

HLN TOP TIP: Want to feel inspired? The Baltic is currently running its Baltic Open Submission 2024 exhibition – in association with Fenwick – where they’ve brought together more than 100 creatives and visionaries from the North East to showcase their work. Open from 10am to 6pm and running until 1 September, the exhibition is free to attend.


High Life North

Crispin Finn

Dynamic duo Anna Fidalgo and Roger Kelly craft illustrations, screen prints, stationery and more, showcased worldwide. Their signature? The exclusive red, white and blue colour palette for contemporary art prints.

High Life North

Tiny Riot

Tiny Riot’s got you covered with unique art prints featuring music icons, camo pop-art and limited editions. They’re all about art, music, camo, skulls and spreading smiles.

High Life North

Mul & Electrik Sheep

Introducing our very own North East artists Mul who splashes the region with vibrant ‘disco vibes’ murals, and Electrik Sheep who creates iconic street-style pieces that celebrate our city. Grab collaborative merch, pick up a limited edition print and spread the love for local talent.

High Life North

Neighbourhood Threat

Neighbourhood Threat, the Manchester-based designer, brings the fun with kitschy, quirky and cool homewares, prints and greeting cards. Expect bold patterns and vibrant colours to brighten up your home.

High Life North

We Are Out of Office

Meet We Are Out of Office, a design studio by Felix and Winneke, Dutch graphic designers. Their travel-inspired designs pop with bold colours, drawing from product packaging worldwide for unique prints.


Don’t Panic - £25.00 BUY NOW
Feeling Good - £25.00 BUY NOW
Half Full - £25.00 BUY NOW
Working Hard - £25.00 BUY NOW
Babycham Blonde Lady Cushion - £29.95 BUY NOW
Bubblegum Lady - £16.95 BUY NOW
Kozyndan - California Bunnywave - £75.00 BUY NOW
Golden Syrup - £13.00 BUY NOW
A Tin of Mega Sardines - £13.00 BUY NOW
Kindness Tea Towel - £35.00 BUY NOW
George Michael I’m Your Man - £40.00 BUY NOW
Yuk Fun - Happy Shoppers - £14.00 BUY NOW
Hornsea Mug - Geo Teal - £14.95 BUY NOW
Hornsea Storage Jar - Geo Flower Orange - £29.95 BUY NOW
Japaneasy Bowls & Bento - £25.00 BUY NOW
Japanese Bucket of Paint - £13.00 BUY NOW
Lemons & Harissa Set of 2 Mini Storage Tins - £5.95 BUY NOW
Madonna Justify My Love - £40.00 BUY NOW
Hornsea Geo Teal Flower Cushion - £44.95 BUY NOW
Mediterranean Lobster - £16.95 BUY NOW
Mul - Disco Life Limited Edition Print - £100.00 BUY NOW
Mul - Running Heart Screen Print - £100.00 BUY NOW
Prince U Got the Look - £40.00 BUY NOW
Maneiro - Shy Bairns Get Nowt - £25.00 BUY NOW
Lucky Cherry Cream Soda Vase - £25.00 BUY NOW
Gili Wall Decoration - £14.95 BUY NOW
Max Machen - Ping Pong - £20.00 BUY NOW
Vegan Japan Easy - £25.00 BUY NOW
Vietnamese - £25.00 BUY NOW
Freddie Mercury Somebody to Love - £40.00 BUY NOW
Tiger - £16.95 BUY NOW
A Can of Roma Tomatoes - £13.00 BUY NOW
Electrik Sheep - I HEART NCL - £40.00 BUY NOW
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