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Inside Yogini of the North – the latest yoga and reiki studio in Sunderland

By Hannah Bullimore

Louise Stott, aka Yogini of the North, has always been a bundle of energy.

While she offers relaxing meditations and savasanas, Louise also brings a sense of fun to her classes that leave you wanting to go and get more from life each time you leave one of her sessions.

Louise is the teacher who started me on my manifestation journey and I truly believe that a lot of the positive changes I have made this year stemmed from a particular manifestation and yoga workshop late last year.

The New Studio

Placed in the centre of Sunderland, Mackie’s Corner is part of a shift in Sunderland where you no longer have to travel to Newcastle for the best nail art, coffee and cake, alternative bridalwear and now, yoga.

Louise said: ‘Mackies Corner is just a beautiful place, the restoration has been done to perfection and the place just has such soul.

‘I knew from the second I walked into the room that it was the place for me. I’m over the moon to be in the city centre, Sunderland is being invested in so much and I’m so proud to be a part of that.’

Furnished with the very best yoga mats and props, there’s is a cosy yet aesthetically pleasing feel to the space – Instagrammable doesn’t cover it…

 The YOTN Philosophy

The beautiful thing about yoga and meditation is that every yoga teacher (and studio) has its own atmosphere and philosophy.

So what’s the YOTN vibe?

“To bring people together, to move our bodies in a fun way, to release those endorphins that make us feel amazing.  It’s a friendly and fun space, there’s always loads of chat before class and we laugh throughout.  Don’t get me wrong, I take yoga very seriously, but I think having fun, laughing and letting go is so amazing for your soul.  All the teachers at the studio are the same.

“It’s also a space where I delve into the spiritual side of things. I often cleanse people’s aura or give them a little mini reiki treatment in savasana and I am moon obsessed which is a big part of the studio.

“I love creating workshops too, which combine yoga, meditation, ritual and crystals, more often than not, linked to the Lunar Cycle.”

Uplevelling your practice with reiki, crystals and more…

As well as a wide range of classes, Louise is also a reiki practitioner. In her studio she offers a selection of treatments. Here’s what she had to say:

“My signature treatment is a Chakra MOT where I combine Meditation, Reiki and Crystal Healing, use gorgeous oils, aura sprays, sage and palo santo for a full chakra balancing experience. I also pull an oracle card for every treatment which tends to be absolutely spot on once I have connected to the person’s energy.

“I originally trained in crystals just for my own interest and decided to train in Reiki after a few people in a short space of time commented they had felt energy / sensation when I touched them at the end of a yoga class. One lady said I had ‘the healing hands’ and this was when I did my training.

“The Chakra MOT first and foremost is an hour of relaxing bliss, but reiki can help with physical ailments / pain as well as helping reduce anxiety and stress, which in turn is beneficial for our Mental Health.”

Thinking about getting started?

I asked Louise her advice for any first-time yogis and she said; ‘Do not hesitate. In over six years of teaching and nine years of dedicated practice, I can honestly say I have never ever left a yoga class not feeling amazing.’


Studio by YOTN, Room 8, The Collective, Mackies Corner, Sunderland, SR1 1TX

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