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Spring Cleaning? Try these 6 viral TikTok cleaning hacks to make your home sparkle

Cleaning? For Spring? Groundbreaking. Once April hits and the sun (hopefully) begins to peek through the clouds, the urge to have a clean and organised home is stronger than ever.

No one wants to spend the whole day indoors, sorting through old clothes and scrubbing the floors – the sunnier seasons are for getting outside and amongst it.

Luckily, social media is packed to the rafters full of great ideas for freshening up your home – and quickly.

We’ve scoured TikTok for the best cleaning hacks, so you don’t have to. And the best bit? They all use things you’ve most likely got lying around the house anyway. Cinderella, you shall go to the ball.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Vinegar, clean socks and expensive glass cleaners, we’ve tried it all before. But did you know shaving foam might be the secret to streak free mirrors?

According to Chantel Mila, buffing a small amount of shaving foam onto your mirrors keeps them streak free and prevents them from fogging up too much when you’re running hot water.


Get your sink sparkling…

This hack uses inexpensive items that you almost definitely already have lying around your home, and will take your sink from drab to delightful.

Simply mix up some baking soda, dish soap and water in a bowl to make a paste, and spread this on your sink and draining board. Leave it for a little while and then use half a lemon (yes, a lemon!) to wipe it up and you’ll never look back.

It also works on hobs, pans and other similar surfaces. Easy peasy.


Perfect plughole…

When you actually stop and think about what goes down a plughole it’s pretty gross – but don’t worry, this TikTok hack will have them sanitised in no time.

Spring cleaning is all about freshening up those places we don’t usually touch, and plugholes are a great one to tick off your list. What’s more, this hack is super quick and low effort.

Clean with Kayleigh says you just need to place a dishwasher tablet on your plughole, and then pour hot water over it. You can follow this up with a capful of disinfectant for a super fresh plughole. See – we told you it was quick…


Clean your sofa using a saucepan

We know it sounds weird – but bear with us…

This hack has been all over TikTok and users say it leaves their fabric sofa looking, feeling and smelling fresh.

According to user Purdy & Figg, who specialises in cleaning hacks, you just need 3 things: a saucepan lid, your favourite scented cleaning spray and a microfibre cloth.

Simply wrap the cloth around the lid and spray it with your product. Then, you use the handle to hold as you guide the cloth over your sofa fabric – leaving it looking and smelling amazing.

This hack also works on carpets – and any other fabric surfaces, it’s so versatile.


Get behind your radiators

It’s easy to ignore the dust inside your radiator – after all, you can’t see it day to day, but it’s another one of those forgotten jobs that are great to tick off during your big Spring Clean.

Seems fiddly though, right? Well, TikTok user Clean with Lottie has a great hack that’s super simple and will blast all of that dust right out, and it uses a hair dryer.

First of all, you remove any parts of your radiator that you can easily remove and replace, and then you hoover any of the top layers of visible dust. Then, to get to all the stuff that’s hard to reach, take your hair dryer, and simply blast it all out – clever right?

When it’s all out you can just hoover it all up, and wipe the outer parts of your radiator with your favourite surface spray.



When the deep clean is all done, there’s nothing like that satisfying just-cleaned smell permeating throughout your home.

TikTok cleaning influencer Jessica May Home has a great idea for making that smell last even longer.

Simply take some dryer sheets, and pop them in your cushion covers – this takes two seconds to do and will make any room smell super clean. Your guests will be impressed.


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