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Fall in love with your monthly cycle

Becky Stanton looks at the four phases of our periods and how we can plan our time during the month to embrace our menstrual cycle and make it work for us.

Written by High Life North
Published 03.07.2020

By Becky Stanton

What do you think about periods?

I’ll be honest – up until this year, I saw my period as a hindrance. A week of pain, low energy, moodiness, and just ‘meh’ feelings, and then forgot about it for the rest of the month.

My period was never a priority and I was always unprepared – over 20 years of periods and I was still shocked and annoyed when it turned up every month! But with a new decade, I decided to regain control and learn more about our menstrual cycle – because it’s a bloody gift (pun intended!).

Here’s what I learnt:

Men have a 24-hour cycle, whereas women have around a 28-day cycle. We live in the same world and often do the same jobs, but our cycle of energy and hormones are not the same.

There is power in the menstrual cycle, which has four phases each month – not just the ‘period’ or bleed. Each phase is a gift with superpowers, and once understood and honoured you can be more intentional and more effective. No more forcing work and creativity when it’s not naturally flowing to you.

It’s almost like a pressure release – biologically, as women, we are not made to GO GO GO all the time. Our energy flows on a cycle, so it’s about planning your month accordingly to work in alignment with your cycle.

Simple – yet truly powerful!

Let’s look at the four phases:

Follicular / Pre-ovulation = Spring

This is when your ovaries get ready to release an egg and your uterus begins to build for a possible pregnancy. This is a time for planning, ‘planting seeds’ and brainstorming ideas. This will come naturally to you at this phase.

Ovulation = Summer

This is when your body has released an egg and when you are most fertile. You will release pheromones and be the most magnetic during this phase. This is a perfect time to connect with people – seek a partner, make sales calls, execute training and presentations. You’ll be on top performance and ready to shine brightly, energetically and biologically. You will naturally attract attention!

Luteal / Pre-menstruum = Autumn

This phase starts when you ovulate and ends when you bleed. This is when your energy starts to turn inward. This phase is perfect to focus, complete projects and finish tasks. It’s a phase to start slowing down and complete what you started with the ideas and connection in Spring and Summer.

Menstruation / your bleed = Winter

If your egg has not been fertilised, this is the phase where you bleed, what we commonly refer to as our ‘period’. This time is perfect for rest and reflection. Although your physical energy may be the lowest, cognitively you have clarity. Take this time to reflect on what’s working, what’s not working, ready for Spring to start planning.

What does this look like for me?

 As a female solopreneur, I am starting to plan my business month around my cycle and these four phases. Planning and brainstorming in Spring, executing with confidence in Summer, focusing and wrapping up in Autumn and reflecting and celebrating in Winter.

I’m learning to never launch in Autumn and Winter, as my energy will naturally be inward. And equally, not forcing reflections and rest in Spring and Summer when I’m on fire to take action and DO!

The balance is powerful, and you can create success with ease and balance, but also, importantly, the pressure is off to KEEP GOING and HUSTLE. It’s permission to flow, to be, to think intuitively.

Track your cycle

Everyone’s cycle is different – the phases can be shorter/longer or your whole cycle can be shorter/longer so it’s important to track yours. There are so many helpful apps, or it can also be done with pen and paper in a journal. The important things to track are:

  • Your mood – how you are feeling emotionally
  • Your physical body and sleep patterns
  • Your effectiveness – are things flowing or is there resistance?

It’s the perfect way of self-love to connect with yourself on another beautiful level. You’ll fall in love with your cycle and see the power in planning your life and business around your phases with more ease and joy.

Try tracking apps such as Flo, Clue and MyFlo. 

About Becky Stanton

Becky Stanton is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach for female solopreneurs that are building their successful online businesses from the comfort of their homes. Becky takes you from distracted days and procrastination to effective working, balanced boundaries and pure joy! You’ll transform your mindset, beliefs and rituals to align with your deepest desires. Becky also has a weekly blog and free resources on her website.
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