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Rowan Berry Box – the latest must-have subscription box

The perfect treat for stationery lovers from North East business Under The Rowan Trees. Plus, WIN a year's subscription, on us.

Written by High Life North
Published 03.07.2020

By Helen Bowman

Hands up who’s a self-confessed stationery lover?

The smell of new notebooks, the excitement of unpacking new pens and the creative mindfulness of creating a brand new spread in your BuJo (that’s bullet journal for the uninitiated). Whatever your level of obsessiveness when it comes to stationery, it’s hard to ignore the allure of the brand new Rowan Berry Box from Under the Rowan Trees – a North East-based stationery business owned and run by Danielle Stanley.

We had a chat with Danielle to find out about her brand new stationery subscription box, launched earlier this week.

Hi Danielle, tell us more about the Rowan Berry Box.

The Rowan Berry Box was launched on 1 July and is a reimagining of a previous subscription-based stationery box I’ve offered for three years now.

It came about from my life-long stationery obsession and has been hugely popular since 2017. As my business has grown, I decided to rebrand the stationery box to become the Rowan Berry Box and have launched a new-look website and online stationery shop at the same time.

My aim with the box was to help my online community unlock their creativity and artistic potential by providing an inspiring mix of stationery products from washi tape and gorgeous pens to notebooks and novelty paperclips, delivered to their door every month.

It sounds amazing – what can subscribers expect to find in their boxes?

Without giving too much away (they’re a surprise each month for the subscribers), the new Rowan Berry Box is set to deliver so many amazing goodies. The first month, due to drop onto doorsteps around 21 July, will be packed with some exciting launch goodies.

I’ve invested in branded boxes so subscribers will be in no doubt what just hit the deck when they arrive. Once inside, each box will be full to bursting with a mix of big brand names like Zebra and Tombow alongside exclusive items created by some incredible artists and designers. 

Each month the box is curated around a theme and I’m working closely with some fabulous people to design and deliver stationery loveliness in every box. There will be around eight to ten gorgeous goodies in each box ranging from specially design washi tapes and novelty paper clips to notepads, pens and sticky notes.

What is it that sets your business apart from other subscription boxes?

I think it’s the personal touch. My customers tell me they love the fact I’m not some faceless multinational company and I work my hardest every day to help, advise and inspire other stationery lovers. 

I’ve always loved stationery, ever since I was young. I have a background in teaching and Under the Rowan Trees started as a means of switching off from the stresses of that profession. As my passion grew, so did the business. I’m now working full time from an office at the bottom of my garden and working with the big names in stationery as well as smaller names like Archer and Olive (amazing bullet journals) and Luis Creations (penholders).

The Rowan Berry Box is the result of my passion to help people embrace their love of stationery on a regular basis. When I started the subscription box three years ago, I certainly didn’t expect to be relaunching in 2020 with such a huge and loyal following under my belt. It’s exciting.

I curate every month’s box and have drawn up plans to work with some incredible independent artists and designers to provide exclusive items of stationery which won’t be available anywhere else in the world. That personal touch seems to make a huge difference to my customers. 

All the brands I sell and include in the boxes are sourced or designed because I love them myself. 

Aside from all that, I’m also a huge advocate of mindfulness for good mental health. Journaling, learning a new skill like brush lettering and setting your creative side free are all massively beneficial for good mental health.

Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal Method, believes that writing by hand activates the brain in a way that nothing else does. That’s something I’ve always believed, and I strive to help my customers discover the delights of writing, collecting stationery and learning new skills.

How much does the box cost and where do I sign up?      

As part of the rebrand, the pricing structure has been simplified. Each box costs £20 including postage so there are no hidden extras at checkout. There are options to pay upfront for three, six or 12 months and we even offer a stationery breather, which allows subscribers to press the pause button for a month before re-joining the gang.

In addition, as a subscriber, you’ll become part of the Rowan Berry Box subscription Facebook group. I share tips and advice, how-to videos, journaling ideas, printables, interviews and exclusive lives in the group. Best of all, you’ll be surrounded by people who are just as obsessed with stationery as you are.

Sign up to be part of the very first Rowan Berry Box (arriving on doorsteps around the world from 21 July) by visiting 

Stationery lovers can find us at Under the Rowan Trees, on Facebook, on Etsy and on Instagram too – there’s always loads going on, new products to admire and so many temptations to resist (or not – shhh, we won’t tell).


We’re celebrating the launch of Rowan Berry Box by offering one lucky reader a year’s subscription. 

Yes, that’s a whole year of receiving a surprise box of high-quality goodies from Under The Rowan Trees, EVERY MONTH! 

Visit our Instagram to enter. 

Good luck stationery lovers!
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