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Could water be the energy drink of 2021?

If it's good enough for Suki Waterhouse...

Written by High Life North
Published 12.01.2021

By Laura Kingston

At the end of December last year. I joined a 6pm Zoom call hosted by Waterdrop – innovators of the world’s first microdrink. It was dark, I’d had a long day at work and I was super tired (thank god it was a camera off event). 

Two things on that call really stood out to me and I have to say, after six weeks I’m a major 2 litres a day convert. Let me tell you why…

Water…gives you wings?

I’ve been a Red Bull addict, I’ve been a major coffee addict (hello, 15 cups a day) and more recently a sugar addict to get me through the many slumps of the day. Waterdrop’s founder Martin Murray was on the call and he was saying that he drinks 2 litres of water every morning before 11am and claimed it gave him incredible energy that lasted all day. 

This, I thought, is what I need. I’m always feeling dehydrated, suffering from headaches and dry lips, especially in winter when we all become shrivelled prunes from central heating. 

So I tried it, and it was hard. I legit felt like I was almost drowning myself at first but after a little pacing from when I first got up, I managed to get in a really good routine and guys…it works. 

Water. Free, healthy, hydrating, good old water…is my new energy drink of 2021. 

What’s a microdrink?

Invented by Waterdrop, it’s a very small cube made from real fruit and plant extracts and enriched with high quality vitamins which dissolve in water anytime, anywhere to make it more interesting and tasty. They can be carried around in your pocket, bag, car – so that any time you feel like reaching for an unhealthy fizzy drink – you can make your water tasty instead. 

Free from artificial flavours, sugar, gluten, caffeine and lactose free – these are super natural and healthy. Literally, just encouraging you to drink more water. 

They also have Microteas which dissolve in warm water from 60 degrees – perfect to carry around so you can make a cuppa anywhere – or take on holiday (when we can eventually travel again). 

So what’s the link with Suki Waterhouse?

Well, on 27 December they launched an exclusive collaboration Suki Waterhouse x Waterdrop which includes a gland water bottle designed by Suki, as well as a carrying sleeve, reversible tote bag and Waterdrop taster packs. 

The design Suki came up with is based around waterlilies. Our editor Laura has the set and we can confirm, it’s super gorge. 

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