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Easy hairstyles for lockdown locks

Written by High Life North
Published 23.03.2021

By Rebecca Redford

Let’s face it – we’ve all considered just shaving our hair off by now. At this point, we’re all making desperate attempts to hide our split ends and overgrown roots, and a few of us might have even taken to the box dye, (much to our hairdresser’s dismay).

To help us hide our hairs’ misfortune, we’ve been using the classic messy bun, ‘throw it on top of our head and pretend it’s not there’ technique. The perfect solution, right?

Wrong! We’re all a little over them by now and in need of some serious lockdown hair inspo while we’re on the four-week countdown until the salons reopen. Well you’ve come to the right place – here are five easy hairstyles that’ll only take moments to recreate.

The Bubble Braid

Turning up to a Zoom call with this style will definitely impress your work mates. This braid is so simple to create, yet suggests you’ve actually made an effort. Simply grab your hair, tie it in a ponytail or two and work your way down, separating your hair using hairbands. But remember – for the desired effect, you must leave equal gaps between bands.


The Sleek Low Pony

For the days we just need our hair out of our face. Focus on keeping the ponytail just above the nape of the neck (ideal for avoiding those headaches that come with a high pony). Once your hair is the correct position, spray the top of your head and, with a (spare!) toothbrush, comb through, gently flattening all your little fly-aways to create the ultimate sleek look.

Face Framing Braids

We’re all dreaming of laying on a tropical beach this summer, so why not style your hair as if you were already there? We’re thinking wavey hair with two braids down either side to frame the face, which works best for those of us with a middle parting. Top tip: invest in some sea salt spray to give your hair some additional texture!


The Claw Clip

Claw clips were a thing of the past before they remerged onto every Instagram influencer’s feed last year. But it looks like they’re here to stay. We all remember our mam’s rocking this style throughout our childhood, so if you’re in need of any tips, just ask her! The claw clip is perfect for holding up most of your hair with ease while leaving some hair at the front to frame your face.


French Braid

Last but certainly not least, we can’t ignore the classic French braid. Working from the route of your hair down, starting with a classic braid and fold in additional pieces of hair each time to create a style that won’t budge. It’s best to do so when your hair’s wet – then, once you remove the braids, you’ll have the perfect crimped hair for a day or two afterwards.



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