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HLN x JUNI Jewellery: Lust List Takeover

You need to know about this female-owned, Northumberland-based jewellery brand

Written by High Life North
Published 16.04.2021

JUNI Jewellery began with the passion Emily-Kate Turner had for the creative arts. She spent hours admiring the process of jewellery making and thought how incredible it would be to create her own designs. At first it was only with family and friends in mind. She wanted to be able to gift them with something that was truly personal and unique. But very quickly the passion became a beautiful obsession.

Bringing a history and an ethos to her newfound brand was Emily’s next challenge. She knew the direction she wanted to take with JUNI Jewellery, she just had to fine-tune the details – including the name. Making her business relatable, yet personal, was very important.

To do that, Emily knew she had to relate back to her Nordic beginnings. Born in Norway, Emily only lived in the country for two years but will always hold the country in a special place in her heart. Narrowing down the exact Norwegian word she wanted to incorporate into her business was also pretty easy – the only memories she has (given how young she was when she lived there) were from home videos and photographs of her family. Summer was at the heart of these memories and, specifically, the June of 1994. Now she had the name of her jewellery brand, the other pieces started falling into place….

JUNI was designed around the idea that each piece of jewellery should tell a story, and tell it forever. Each of her collections is put together and made by hand, which ensures that each and every piece is unique, no matter how small the difference may be.

The aim? For customers to be able to buy a piece of jewellery that means something to them, stemming from the love and care that has gone into each design. And that care starts with Emily’s choice of materials, which are always only the finest. JUNI offers you the chance to give a gift with a difference – and leave a lasting impression.

So discover her latest collection here, with us. And better yet, enjoy a cheeky 15% discount by using the code HLN15 at JUNI’s checkout. You’re welcome.

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The Harry Halo

These sterling silver earrings are handmade and beautifully put together in the shape of a halo. Named after “our Harry”, these earrings symbolise love and joy.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

The Ella

The first pair of earrings to their bridal range, The Ella – with its name of Greek origin, meaning beauty, fancy, and light – is a nine-carat gold stud design suspending two freshwater pearls.

Material: 9ct Solid Yellow Gold

Gemstone: Natural Freshwater Pearl

The Lunar

The Lunar is a sterling silver ring that contains the whole solar system. Kinda. The row of beaded silver beautifully represents our planets and stars.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Mini Hammered Stud || 9ct Gold

A simple addition to your earring collection, these nine-carat solid gold earrings have a hammered detail design that offers a simple but classic finish.

Material: 9ct Solid Yellow Gold

The Amara

‘Amara’ is of Latin origin, meaning ‘everlasting’. Which just so happens to be one of the key foundations behind JUNI – each design is really made to last.

Material: 9ct Solid Yellow Gold

The Chunky Stacker

The perfect place to start your JUNI Collection. Wear on its own or alongside their other stacker rings, the options are endless…

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

JUNI Jewellery, The Chunky Stacker || Sterling Silver, £40.00

 Mini Hammered Hoop

These sterling silver earrings have a mirror finish on the front and a hammered detail on the side.

 Material: 925 Sterling Silver

The Etta

Etta – from the Greek, meaning ‘pearl’ – features an intricate freshwater pearl, a nine-carat gold pendant elegantly suspended from a nine-carat chain.

Since ancient times, it has been believed that pearls bring love, luck, wisdom and peace. Their white colour is often associated with light and purity, and the birthstone stands for innocence and sincerity.

Material: 9ct Solid Yellow Gold

Gemstone: Natural Freshwater Pearl

The Pearl Stud 

The Pearl Stud – an elegant, classy design, yet still stylishly subtle.

Looking for a Bridesmaid gift? These earrings can also be personalised as part of JUNI’s Bridesmaid Collection.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Gemstone: Natural Freshwater Pearl

The Beaded Hoop Stud

These nine-carat gold beaded earrings are the perfect matching set to JUNI’s Beaded Stacker Ring.

Material: 9ct Solid Yellow Gold

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