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Written by Laura Kingston
Published 05.05.2021

I don’t know about you, but I must have tried almost every major skincare brand going at one point or another. In my late teens, I would spend most of my spare money on cult beauty products, or visit a beauty counter and come away with a complete 7-step regime that in just two weeks would make me look like I drank 2 litres of water a day, got 8 hours sleep a night and ate a superfood diet – it didn’t.

I’d jump from product to product, month to month, stripping my skin, overloading it with oil, wondering why I was still getting spots (don’t get me wrong, a significant factor in this was my hormones, there’s sadly still no miracle cure for hormonal acne). I also went through phases of going the other way, using nothing but a make-up wipe to remove my makeup, no moisturiser, no toner – that didn’t work well either. My skin was dull and flaky.

Over the years, I chilled out. I kept products that worked and said goodbye to a suitcase full of products that didn’t. I try my best to take my makeup off every night, even after copious amounts of gin) and I’m consistent. My skin has never looked better, so this week, I’m sharing my routine…

For reference, in my 20s I had acne-prone but dry, flaky skin. In my 30s I’m lucky enough to have normal, balanced skin with just one monthly zit…


To remove eye make-up

I’ve always needed to use an oil-based eye-makeup remover to really get rid of every last trace of mascara. I’ve used this Nivea one for years. It’s the best for me, hands down. I just stock up whenever it’s on offer in the supermarket, usually 2 for £4 – win.

To remove face make-up

We’ll get on to why I really rate Augustinus Bader shortly because, yes, this is quite a spenny cleansing balm. However, you only need the teeniest amount and I personally feel like it complements my regime. It’s not that much more than others that I love, which include Clinique’s, Take the Day Off (26.00) and Drunk Elephant’s Make-up Melting Butter Cleansing Balm (£29.00).

Whichever one you go for, a balm is the easiest way to remove your face make-up to make sure that your cleanser can be applied to clean skin and really work its magic.

To cleanse skin

The first thing to note, a bottle of this cleanser has lasted me 16 months and counting, so it really lasts. For me, I’ve noticed it adds brightness to my skin and keeps it feeling super smooth – no flaky skin here. It contains salicylic acid which helps unclog pores and lactic acid which helps to remove dead skin whilst still having moisturising properties.

As I said, this lasts a while so I think it’s a good investment, but a cheaper option that I find has similar results is the Clean&Clear Morning Energy Brightening Scrub (£3.99).

To tone and minimise pores

Even when I’ve got really clear skin, I can suffer from enlarged pores around my nose and cheeks. We all know this can contribute to make-up looking cakey which isn’t my favourite look! This product is a newbie in my routine – I’ve been using it combined with the below serum for 2-weeks and I’ve really noticed a difference.

My make-up looks considerably smoother and my pores look significantly refined with or without makeup.

The pore minimising booster

Since I bought and use both of these Paula’s Choice products as a duo, it’s hard to say which is the most effective or how well they work on their own. But from my experience, this duo is really doing the job.

I use it to minimise pores but this concentrated 10% niacinamide (B3) booster also helps to even out skin tone by reducing brown spots and reducing post-breakout marks. It also contains calming and hydrating ingredients.


To moisturise and even out skin tone

Now I admit, this one is bouje. And for full disclosure, I was sent the moisturiser as a PR sample but have since gone on to buy another bottle, plus the cleansing balm and the essence with my own money. Because guys, this works.

Developed by pioneering stem cell and biomedical scientist Professor Augustinus Bader, all of his products contain his patented TCF8 complex which works to trigger regeneration of the skin. He initially worked for many years in cutting-edge stem cell and tissue regeneration research, before applying his science to skincare.   I noticed that after two weeks I had really even skin.

No oily T-zone but dry cheeks, very little redness and generally just nice, balanced, clear skin.

Laura Kingston High Life North Magazine North East, Newcastle
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