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Become an expert baker at The Cookery School at The Grand, York

Psst… there’s wine involved.

Written by High Life North
Published 30.10.2021

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According to Psychology Today, cooking or baking can do wonders for our mental health.

As it turns out, spending some active time in the kitchen provides one of the best opportunities to be present, mindful and aware – rather than stressed, distracted or overwhelmed. It’s also a chance to train our minds to understand what it means to be in the ‘here and now’, with a healthy sense of appreciation, patience and a non-judgemental attitude. And that’s before we even mention the physical benefits of getting back in touch with what it is we’re actually eating every day.

With so many positives to reap from a foray into chefdom, it’s difficult to see why more of us don’t cook more. Until we consider one teeny, tiny barrier – what if we don’t know how to cook?

Luckily, this doesn’t have to restrict us any longer, thanks to The Grand. Their state-of-the-art Cookery School offers a variety of different courses, which have been designed for everyone, from complete novices to aspiring chefs.

Don’t believe us? Check this little lot out…


This brand new course serves as a beginner’s guide to professional cookery.

The Grand’s Culinary Expertise package is perfect to get you out of your stale mealtime routines and into a world packed with flavour, style and truly artful techniques. Providing professional tutelage over three full days, state-of-the-art kitchen work stations, a departure pack filled with chef’s equipment and recipes, and even the option to stay in one of The Grand’s classic bedrooms to complete the experience, you’re sure to leave this course brimming with dinner date ideas forever more.

Tickets are £495 per person.

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An experience designed for wine and food lovers: The Cookery School at The Grand have partnered with winery Bon Coeur to provide a two-day experience filled with wine pairings, expert culinary guidance, and a bespoke cookery class.

A North Yorkshire Wine Merchant, Bon Coeur, works with leading winemakers around the world. The location, Moor Park, provides a friendly environment to discover an array of fine wine experiences. From Bon Coeur to The Grand, this two-day experience guarantees a fun, educational and immersive break.

Our Chef Tutor will be on hand, with Bon Coeur, to provide top tips on food and wine pairings. Embark on a tour of Moor Park led by founder James Goodhart. You will then be introduced to Bon Coeur’s Associate Director Rachel Love. Discover key grape varieties and how to correctly taste wine whilst enjoying six variations. Afterwards, enjoy a three-course lunch with a range of champagne and wine pairings.

To end the day, enjoy a tour of France including Terroir, styles, and grape varieties. With the tasting of six more wines, leave the day with a new understanding of wine.

Make your experience even more special with an overnight stay in one of the elegant rooms. After an indulgent breakfast, use your newfound knowledge as you arrive at The Cookery School for a wine pairing cookery class. Chef Andrew and Rachel Love will be on hand to answer any questions and help you provide the perfect pairings. Discover your favourite wine to cook with and how to enhance the dining experience for your future home-cooked meals.

More details will be released soon, so keep an eye on The Grand’s Cookery School website https://www.thegrandyork.co.uk/cookery-school/

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