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  • 20th Nov 2021
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What is holistic therapy and how can it empower us to heal?

Step aside, medication – the cure to our stress may be far more simple with this 1:1 day retreat at the coast.

When it comes to medicine, the term ‘holistic’ simply means treating the whole person – taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of an illness or disease.

Frequently, western doctors miss out on the bigger picture of our circumstances, which are, more often than not, contributing to our physical symptoms, and the real root of our problem goes unaddressed.

Medical research estimates that as much as 90% of illness and disease is stress-related, which is due to the stress hormone (cortisol) interfering with our bodily processes and causing physical issues to manifest, such as headaches, acne, bowel issues, depression and anxiety.

A holistic therapist evaluates the whole of your life, from personal aspects to work, relationships and diet, and helps direct you to the underlying cause. This then allows you to make gentle changes to your lifestyle, so you can truly begin to fix the problem.

In my clinic, I use a number of healing modalities to support my clients holistically, these include: talk therapies, mental health coaching, guided meditation, acupressure massage and bodywork, and spiritual readings, all of which support the client fully and provide support to the mind, body and soul.

Combined together, these techniques create an incredibly powerful process, but to receive the optimum results, each session requires a lot of time, space and presence, which is why I’m super pleased to announce that I’m finally able to bring back my 1:1 deep healing days to help women overcome stress.

These 7-hour sessions provide women with enough time and space to fully immerse into each aspect of the therapy, giving them a full day just for themselves to truly disconnect and realign their life.

Here’s what the ‘Unwind Your Mind’ package includes:

  1. An initial brunch to touch base on where the client is at, and to evaluate their current circumstances.
  2. A guided meditation session that slows down the nervous system, relaxes the client’s energy to a level of stillness and supports them in finding a deep sense of inner peace. 
  3. A powerful oracle card reading, then allows the client to self-reflect, explore their emotions, and open up to a deeper level of awareness around their life. This often highlights where, and why, stress is occurring and allows them to find solutions moving forward.
  4. A dose of optional nature therapy is then offered to cleanse the aura and invites the client to contemplate and reflect on the day’s findings; the client returns with a deeper sense of clarity and an understanding of what goals they are working towards when they leave.
  5. Nourishing food, fresh juices and herbal teas then support the body’s physical and energetic system and prepares for a deeply relaxing and indulgent treatment of their choice. A relaxing oil and deep tissue massage or a traditional Thai acupressure treatment allows the client to fully unwind and brings a deep sense of rejuvenation to the body.
  6. The client then leaves feeling deeply relaxed and equipped with tools to help them stay on track with their goals. They leave feeling clear on the next steps, ready to re-tackle life and fully rejuvenated; mind, body and soul. An optional follow-up call is included in the package so the client can check back in 30 days to feel fully supported on their wellness journey.

Each part of the service allows the client to fully explore their issues and allows enough time to dig deep into the cause of their stress. Health and wellbeing advice is provided throughout each stage and, through guidance based on traditional Chinese medicine, the client gets back in tune with their body.

This service really allows women to step away from the constraints of life, family and work, so they can reconnect with their truth.

When we slow down, we can start seeing life in a clearer way and understand what’s going on beneath the surface. We can connect more deeply with our intuition, receive the wisdom our bodies hold and start to nurture ourselves properly.

So, if you are struggling with stress at this time and truly want to return to a place of health and happiness, it may be time to start investing in alternative therapy.

Jasmine runs regular sessions from her studio by the sea, and is taking applications for the 1:1 wellbeing days HERE

Her offering is the newest addition to the North East wellness scene, acting as a full retreat on your doorstep – so you can truly press reset on your life.

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